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    Dance Moves - Samba


    At StreetDance we attempt to teach beginners a standard choreography that can be applied in multiple dances. This allows the man to master his leads while diversifying the number of dances he can perform. The First sequence captures elements that need to be mastered before attempting more advanced moves.

    The First Sequence

    Performing the sequence in closed dance (vals) position. Do two Forward Basics into Fifth Positions followed by, a Forward Basic and a single cross over. Repeat the sequence or try a different combination of moves.

    Both the fifth position and cross overs can be performed holding both the lady's hands. However, they are commonly done by releasing one hand. That is: if the man is crossing right his left hand releases the girl's right hand. If he is crossing left, he releases the girl's left hand.

    Remember that most of the Latin dances are closely related and have a strong Congos basis. There was a time that the native dances were often sexual pantomime. When performing the fifth position and cross overs, you want to be close to your partner, and never turn away from each other (your aim is to always be facing each other), your bodies should form a slight V shape (heels closest together). Even though the man leads the whole dance, the idea in all moves, is that the man is trying to seduce the lady and she is pushing him away. Remember to keep a forward pressure between you and your partner.

    The Forward Basic

    In the Forward Basic Move, the man will perform the Forward Basic Movement, followed by the Back Basic Movement (Refer section on Basic Movements). Whereas, the Lady will do the exact opposite. She will perform the Back Basic Movement, followed by the Forward Basic Movement.

    The Back Spot Basic

    In the Back Spot Basic Move, the man will perform two Back Spot Movements (Refer section on Basic Movements). The Lady will mirror the man's moves. On the first step, the man steps slightly side left (the Lady right) and on the next step, taps his right foot behind the left foot (lady left behind right). On completing the first movement, the man steps right side, so his feet are parallel, then taps the left foot behind the right foot (lady taps right behind left

    The Fifth Position

    The Fifth position is similar to the Back Spot Basic. On the first step, the man performs a back Spot Basic to his left. As he goes into the next movement, he release the girls right hand and pushes her away. He then steps back onto his left foot (left slightly behind the right foot) and slightly turns his body (left shoulder back left). The woman mirrors the man (back right). On completing the movement, step side turning to face each other and perform the move in the opposite direction. Complete the move by doing a Back Spot Basic to the man's right.

    Cross Overs

    Cross Overs are simply a variation on the Forward Basic Move where both the man and woman move forward on the first step. The step is curved forward to make a quarter turn towards each other, you end up with your shoulders close together and you should be facing each other on an angle - some teachers refer to this move as the shoulder-to-shoulder. On the first step, the man steps left across his right foot (Left shoulder forward right) and as he changes weight on the half beat, slightly turns his body towards the lady (Right shoulder forward). As he steps he gently pulls the lady's hand across his movement, so that she mirrors him (lady forward right).On the next movement, step to the man's right to face each other again, close left (lady right) and complete the up-down motion.

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