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Name: Zheng Guifeng Jess
Nick: Fong, Bamboo Piggy, 3 stooges 
DOB: 19 Nov 1984
Occupation: Slacker & RA
email: jess_zheng@yahoo.com.sg

Complicated and yet simple at the same time. I'm properly the last person in the world you would want to meet up with. Sometimes, I think alot, even if it's doesn't concern me, I would still be sadden. At times, I'm pretty self-contented been myself, and smiled and laughed at even the most simple thing in life.

I love my job: Research Assit. Ok, call me a freak, workaholic or wat ever. but I love it. The freedom to have my own time and taking control of my experiments.

Apart from my job, I love to listening to music and crudle up with my stuff toys in my bed. It's sooo relaxing, esp aft a hard day @ work.

I hate anything tat is under the sun. I prefer moonlight over sunlight, that why I called myself a moonlight bitch. U properly wouldn't see me playing basketball and such in the day. U mostly will caught me clubbing when nite fall when the lively mood hit me. If i'm in a mood of self-reflection, u mostly caught me swimming in the pool @ 8pm.

I think I'm really a vampire.. The sun make me sleepy... everytime the sun is high in the sky, I feel like dozing... feel like running away. The moment itz say sayonara, I gt jumpy and hippy again =) However, people still mistaken me as a sporty girl, think it should be my tan-skin tat make people feel that way. well, nvm.

My family?
Geez, I'd 3 irritating brothers age, 4, 6 & 14 respectively. great age gap ya? I'm living with my grandma and aunty (with my darling bro tat is attd SSS in sec 2 nw).

I'd only love 2 guyz in e entire 19yrs of my fucking life. 1 is my sweetie (my bf: Edwin Tan Bing Huang la!) which i intent to hold his hand forever. the other i couldn't say. it may ruin our friendship.. well, i'm super sorry for the others bfz of my life. immature as i am back then i'd hurt 1 badly, but i'm gald he had found a girl he loved now. looking bak, i noe i'd never loved them and as i said, i only loved 2 guyz.

And the love of my life?
My dearest frez of coz. wat cld be more dear than having sm1 to share ur prob? I hav lots of hi-bye frez. bt i noe i had some dear frez in my heart, huixian, ah ber, kel, lan bao shi, lowell ah kor and sensei, be grateful hor *Ahahahahaaa*