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The Love of My Life, Smiles that Touch My Heart


Of coz this is my 1st love on my love list. My sweetie pie Edwin Tan. We took this photo on X'mas, and he look so much more skinner *sad sad*

This sweetheart of mine had been with me for almost a year. Although he tends to lost his temper easily and be a little overprotective, but he's the sweetest person I ever met. Always thinking of me before himself, like to huggle me alot!

Of coz in BGR, everything is not a bed of rose, we quarrel quite often, but he's always the one that letting me win and after that try to cheers me up. Think the cause of quarrel is because we had different views for things.

I'm really shy to admit that he's one that I really can't loss, ever so darling in my heart and I just feel that I want to hold his hand forever.


To be continue ;) looking for photo of my dear friendz and my family. Stay tune