My History

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BabyI was born second in the family. After I was born, my parents hired a baby-sitter to look after me.I love both my family and my baby-sitter family.



First birthdayIt was my first birthday. I celebrate in my baby-sitter's house. My parents and baby-sitter's family had organised a birthday for me. I am so fortunate.



7 years oldI went to study in Singapore when i was 7 years old. I was very sad at that time because that was the first i left my baby-sitter.



Primary3I study in Li Hua Primary and have been a very obedient boy.Being vote as the best student for 2 consecutive years. I was in the top 10 in my primary school life.



Mooncake FestivalAfter I graduted from Li Hua Primary, I went to Deyi secondary school. I spend lots of memorable times there. I love my teachers and friends and most of all i love DEYI!!!

Poly class

Now after I graduted from Secondary School, I am a first year student in Singapore Polytechnic studying IT, it is enjoyable but stressful. I hope that I can get my Diploma in 3 years time.

Small boyFAT FATCrazy

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