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Welcome to Up & Running. A new division of Mindworks Services. Up & Running is a computer service. For all you people not in the Austin, Taylor, Hutto, or Round Rock areas, I really can't help you unless it is a simple technical question. For those of you in those areas, please read on for more information.

Up & Running is a service to repair, diagnose, and update computers for moderate prices.

Minimum charge: $25
This includes diagnosis, and small repairs or fixes.
Hardware Replacement: $25/hr + Parts
This includes all internal hardware, with driver and software installs.
Hard Drive Maintenance: $25/hr
This includes cleaning out unused programs, removing deleted programs from the add/remove software screen (Programs that can't be removed from the list,) and complete reinstalls.
PC Repair: $25/hr + Parts
This includes Repairing your computer. Finding out what is wrong with it, and bringing it back within normal operating parameters.

For more information about this, please feel free to email me with any questions.

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