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(Russia, Perm city)
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Created: 26 Feb. 1999

Last change: 11 Jul. 2004
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Who I am?
I work in Perm State Pedagogical University at the Department of theoretical physics and computer simulation.
I began to work with computing machinery from 1974. My pedagogical experience is more than 20 years.
In 1983 I got a scientific degree, which in our country is called "candidate of physical and mathematical sciences".
It's nearly equal to Doctor in other countries.

My favorite occupation is software development, mainly for education. Most of my programs are free.
Several last ones I made shareware for a very small fee. To say truth, it developed to be absolutely effectless idea.

Will these pages be interesting for You?
I want to hope that they will, especially if You are curious and like to think about questions "why" and "how"
(how computer works? why we must specify variables? why object slant is useful? how to write applet? etc.)
If You teach or learn computer subjects, my site may be even more actual for you.

What can You find on my pages?
Personal information:
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You can download and test my educational software.

"The Ventures" pages:
"The Ventures" Music Box (update)
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My applets texts:
"Welcome!" applet
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"E97" applet

Thank You for visiting my page! Hope to meet You soon!

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