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I have two subjects - Music and Sports and some links and pictures.  The music page is in depth and recommended.

My Latest Thoughts - New Stuff
Well I have a new job, that's pretty big news I guess.  Pays a hell of a lot better than Sears.  I can start doing things I like. 

I am gonna try and have a party next weekend.  I don't know what date that is, but we've got a lot of beer to get it going all ready.

Concerts - I'm gonna see Joe Satriani on Thursday May 11th.  Considering his last concert is my favorite ever, this should be cool.  It's at the Austin Music Hall. 

Baseball - I was hoping to try and go watch an Astros game at Enron Field before Phil leaves for the summer.  Don't know if that will work out, but I hope so.

- Guitar & Bass Tabs (about 900)
- Lists I compiled (favorite songs, guitar parts)
- Information about My Favorite Bands
- A Page on Actual Guitars
   Z-Rock Top 50   KLBJ's Playlist   101 X's Playlist    101X's Top 6 at 9

- Baseball
- Basketball
- Football
- Fantasy Basketball

The Best NFL Page

NBA Scoreboard
Today's Home Runs

Other Files:
- Pictures
- Information - Phone Numbers & New Pictures from Robert
- Files I created last summer
- An auction page I made and keep moderately updated
- A Short List of My Favorite Movies

General Links:
- JTM's Film World (Jeremy Marshall's Website)
- Robert Bycroft's site - Has cool music stuff and lovely monkeys      It's a really cool site.
- Ben Thomas's Site - new so far
- Craig Landry's Site - his newest version
- Jeff's Sports Site (Jeff Olson's website)
- A site I created in an electrical engineering class to help out middle schoolers

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