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Yikes, I just realized that my last "update" was writen on New Years Day. That can't be good. But don't worry, the rest of my site hasn't stayed as static as this main page. There's actually been a bunch of changes. For one thing, my No Doubt page is moving off GeoCities. It's still going to be part of this collective whole of sites, but it's going to get its own domain(yay!). And, the new server gives me A LOT more space than GeoCities ever offered(even with being in GeoPlus and all), so it allows me possibilites for that site that could never have been done on GeoCities. Also, do you realize that this site is now four years old? Wow! I can't believe I've kept this up for so long. If it wasn't for all you wonderful visitors, I probably would have quit by now, but this site is still going, and going strong too. It's come a long way from when it started and it's still got a long way to go, but hopefully, it'll keep going and perhaps, the journey will never end. =) -Written 8/25/00
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Alanis Morissette
A very thorough and informational site on Alanis Morissette. It includes a biography, lyrics, a discography, midi files, a discography, RealAudio files, tabs, interviews, articles, a did you know section, a trivia, pictures, quotes about her, and a whole lot more. A very good site whether you've just heard about Alanis and want to know more about her, or whether you've been a long time fan and are looking for something.
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No Doubt
Check out The Don't Doubt No Doubt Homepage at its new location! It's got all that it had before plus new surprises. And, with more space to work with, you'll find audio clips for all four albums, and soon, audio clips for acoustic and live versions of songs.
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Cake Lyrics
Cake has written some awesome lyrics, but unfortunately, since the lyrics don't come with the album, you know what they're trying to say(the one or two words that you're trying to figure out can change the whole meaning of the song). So check out the lyrics to Fashion Nugget here. They were figured out by fans like yourself and corrected by fans like yourself.
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7th Annual KROQ Acoustic Christmas
A little article on all the bands that played at the KROQ 7th Annual (almost)Acoustic Christmas. The bands include Poe, The Wallflowers, Tori Amos, Jewel and more. Soon to come, articles for the 2000 Weenie Roast too.
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I did a project a while ago on the music industry and I thought I'd share my knowledge with all of you music fans. I'm sure a lot of you out there are either in the industry or are considering being a part of this business of music. And even if you're not, since you're here, you must be a music lover. This section has information about how the business part of what you love works, because like it or not, music is a business.
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Okay, yeah, I know, you're really really sick and tired of my site and are looking for sites that's better, more creative, or just different. This section has a compilation of great and not so great sites about lots of great bands. Each site is rated and has a discription of what the site has to offer, so you'll know that the site you're visiting is what you're looking for.

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