"Iguanas are extremly agile and fleet of foot. They escape most predators. But if cornered they bite savagely."

excerpt from the Grolier Universal Encyclopedia


"When all government domestic and foreign,in little as in great things,shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power,it will render powerless the checks of one government on another,and will become as venal as the government from which we seperated."

Thomas Jefferson 1821


"Living in the sand ain't quite as bad as you might think,/ I'm telling you.
If you had scales and claws like me/ I'm sure you'ld enjoy it Like I do."

excerpt from Iguana Living ©1987 Life Underwater. Lyrics: Red Iguana

Have you something to add? This is the page for all your Iguana locution! Submit your Iguana songs, poems, short stories or whatever and I'll post them here! With any luck this page should be updated weekly. It all depends on the response I receive... I haven't received one in years...

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