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True to my word, here are a whole mess of sites that you should visit if you've got Iguanas on the brain, in your house, or in your bed. For now I'll keep things focused on the Web, though I'm sure there are great Iguana things happening elsewhere on the internet. Sure it's incomplete, but with the Web's exponential growth rate, and the simply overwhelmingly preponderant Iguana presence here, I truly doubt it ever will be.

With that said, bring on the Iguanas.
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Caring For Iguanas

Although a Red Iguana (Iguana Beer iguana) myself, I realize that there are those of you who prefer the company of the lovely and amiable Green Iguana (Iguana iguana). These sites are for you:

The Complete Guide to Keeping Green Iguanas in Captivity The Complete Guide to Keeping Green Iguanas in Captivity . Preface . The intention of this booklet is to answer any questions an iguana owner may have regarding the proper care of his or her lizard.
The Care, Feeding and Socialization of the Green Iguana The Care, Feeding and Socialization of the Green Iguana Melissa Kaplan (c) 1994 melissk@aol.com NATURAL HISTORY Your iguana is known to herpetologists (people who study reptiles and amphibians) as Iguana iguana, or the common green iguana. Your iguana came
Aggression In Iguanas at: http://fovea.retina.net/~gecko/herps/iguanas/ig-aggression.html
Iguanas Iguana Iguana: Loads of iguana-care info and other fun stuff from Trendy's House of Herpetology. Iguana owners are encouraged to join the "Iguanas-Digest" mailing list.
http://www.nucleus.com/iguana.html There are a few things to taking care of an iguana. Here is a list:
Natural Behaviour, Enclosure

General Iguana Info

IGUANA: SURVIVAL OF THE TASTIEST Sorrel Downer . Costa Rica Today October 21, 1993 . Green iguanas are already on the endangered species list and soon they'll be featured on the best Costa Rican menus. What's more, every

Iguana Magazine - Home Page As well as having your question posted in the magazine, you will receive personal E-mail with a more detailed answer to your question. As well as having your question posted in the magazine, you will receive personal E-mail with a more detailed answer to your question.
The Green Iguana Manual for Windows¨ Version 2.0 Greetings:
The International Iguana Society P.O. Box 430671 Big Pine Key, Florida 33043 Iguana Times Selected Contents of the Current Issue: The September 1995 issue of the Iguana Times features the following articles: Green Iguanas: Emerald Gems of the Jungle, by David Blair What do Wild Green Iguanas

Links to Links

CyberLizard's Lizard Lounge THE LIZARD'S LOUNGE Information for Green Iguana Lovers The Lizard's Lounge is a place for the friends of green iguanas to hang out.After purchasing our green iguana named (Iggy) I found it very hard to find information about our little
Iguanas Iguanas Iguanas! Other Interesting Iguana Resources: Iguana Manual by Jennifer Swofford. "The Care, Feeding and Socialization of the Green Iguana" By Melissa Kaplan.

More links and info.

Iguana information on the Internet The net has since grown into a much larger role, but we owe a debt of gratitude to the iguanas who made it all possible in the first place. The Complete Guide To Keeping Green Iguanas In Captivity -- Jennifer Swofford's excellent guide to acheiving iguana nirvana.

Iguana Potpourri

The Iguana Fun Page Welcome to the New Iguana Funpage!!!
Henry Lizardlover Henry Lizardlover's Lovable Website! . Who or what is a Henry Lizardlover??? . Once iguana time, and long ago, in a strange land called Los Angeles, there was a normal sort of guy, Henry was his name but after he
Herpmed's Salmonella Information Page What to do to avoid becoming infected or acting as a carrier After handling any reptile be sure and wash hands with soap/hot water Wash thoroughly for at least 30 seconds; an antibacterial soap is preferable Washing with water only is ineffective in
Iguana Spots James site has a slew of tips for the prospective iguana owner and a scale raising escape story to boot. A couple of nice photos of his 2 iguanas to boot!
Laser Reflectionshologram@accesscom.com Laser Reflections sent me an ultra-supercool holographic postcard. If you are an iguana fan, you are going to need to get these postcards!
Yamanouchi Iguana Laboratory Title :"IGUANA IGUANA IGUANA" Sub-Title:"How to love your iguana" ISBN 4-88023-044-8 C2076 Author :Akira Yamanouchi Takako Yamanouchi Publisher:Yoshiomi Yamaguchi Shinseisha Publication OCC Building,2-1,Surugadai,Kanda, Chiyodaku,TOKYO,JAPAN

Iguana Personal Home Pages


The Albuquerque Green Iguana Page Hello; I am Pancho Verde. A juvenile green Iguana. And this is my web page. My owner, a mister Blankinship, works all day for Correa Enterprises in

Alex's home page http://renoir.vill.edu/csc/f93/vonhagen/html/iguana.html

Dupree's Home Page ... I am indeed a green iguana (Iguana iguana iguana) who lives in a home in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Most people know me as the star of The Iguana Cam -- a web page where "live", up-to-the-minute snapshots of me are made available, every weekday.
Elmo's home page http://http.tamu.edu:8000/~kcv5938/elmo.html

Pepper, The World's Most Famous Iguana!!! Not only the home of Pepper (a very attractive iguana), but also claims to have the most thorough and up-to-date listing of Iguanas on the web.
"I am a female Green Iguana, known in the science world as Iguana iguana. Fort Collins, Colorado is my hometown. I am currently 43 inches longĉand weigh almost 6 pounds. I adopted two humans on September 7, 1994. They thought I was about 2 years old then, and they think I must be about 4* now. I'm going to leave it a mystery for them. "-Pepper
Mr. Nice-Nice's home page http://daw162.rh.psu.edu/paul/nice.htm
Mutt & Jeff Jr.'s home page http://www.inx.net/~jnewman/ig_page.html

Ned's Iguana Homepage Pepe's Home Page --new!Henry Lizardlover R J IGUANA PAGE Iguan-O-Rama The Elmo Homepage The Iguana Funpage Jeff Newman's Iguana Page Jennifer Swofford's Iguana Manual A good resource--covers everything Melissa Kaplan's "The Care, Feeding and Socialization
Topaz G. Iguana Extraterrestrial Invitation Page http://www.rit.edu:80/~bjl4009/topaz.html

Musical Iguanas (Sort of)

the Iguanas The Iguanas are New Orleans based and combine Tex-Mex, Rock, R&B, and much more. Driven by twin saxophones, guitar and accordion, The Iguanas groove will get any crowd onto the dance floor. The band consists of Rod Hodges (vocals, guitar, accordion), Joe Cabral (vocals, saxophone), Rene Coman (bass), Derek Huston (sax), Doug Garrison (drums) and this is their home on the World Wide Web.
Jazz Iguanas Primarily original tunes ranging from Afro-Cuban jazz and vocal hip-hop to danceable Funk.

Iguana etc.

Gustavsson, Mikael - MickeG links to Ducati superbike, iguana, paintball pages; guide to keeping an iguana.
Hochsprung, Bill My resume, what's in my fridge, and my iguana page
Iguana Iguana How to contact Iguana Iguana vzw/asbl Milcampslaan 101 B-1040 Schaarbeek Belgium FAX: +32-2-582 66 50 BBS: +32-2-582 66 50 e-Mail: iguana@medelec.uia.ac.be Bank: 423-3132541-64 This page is maintained by Ivo Clarysse - GUTEST7@cc1.kuleuven.ac.be.
Iguana's in Flagstaff, Arizona FLAGUANA Iguana Hash House Harriers Flagstaff, Arizona April 19-21, 1996. HYPE: Cum to Flagstaff and join the Iguanas - the homeless hash! Flagstaff is
Iguana Page Iguana Page. My brother has so many pictures of his pets that I felt obligated to add some of my trusty reptilian companion, Herb. This is my pet Iguana.
Independent Group of Unix-Alikes & Networking Activists (Iguana) supporting and informing its members with regard to computers and networking. In particular, we concentrate on users of 'Free Operating Systems.'
Langfield, Allan Purple Iguana, D. Spunkmeyer, idec light, Boulder, Links to Utah Saints, NIN, Shamen

Iguana Businesses

Hotel Plaza Iguana Vacation Club The resort, which is situated next to the marina, offers free island cruises and quick taxis to the beach, as well as use of their extensive facilities. http://www.spinners.com/resort/welcome.html
Welcome to Iguana's Comic Book Cafe UPCOMING GAME TOURNAMENTS - Wizards of the Coast Pro Qualifier to be held by Iguana's Comic Book Cafe, April 13th-14th. Hello and welcome to IGUANA'S COMIC BOOK CAFE. We are a full line gaming and comic book mail order service.IGUANA'S SPECIALS - Check out our full line gaming and comic book mail order service. We specialize in Magic and other collectible cards game singles.
Iguana Films
Yes, welcome to the film production home page for Iguana Films. A business card will eject itself from your disk drive in five seconds. Please remain seated and observe all smoking signs.
Iguana Hot Sauce
Discover Half Moon Bay's gourmet pepper sauces, featuring Iguana XXX, interactive "Hot Lib" stories, hot new recipes and hot sauce t-shirts.
Iguana Images Iguana Images is a small computer graphics company located in Ben Lomond, California, nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We specialize in the production, transmission, and display of digital imagery.
Iguana Mama Mountain Bike and Hiking Adventure Tours offers tours that are inaccessible to most tourists; discover the true Dominican Republic by going beyond the tour buses and hotels.

Salty Iguana "Once upon a time, while vacationing somewhere off the coast of Mexico, a band of would-be "restauranteurs" were caught in a storm and shipwrecked on a small tropical island. Left with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a few barrels of margaritas they managed to salvage, they soon discovered that they were not alone. Could it be a dream? An island colonized by Iguanas just as human as ourselves, with the exception of the green scaly complexions and long tails..."
A mexican restaraunt. http://www.intellipages.com/9133813888/index.html

I hope you enjoy this site, and Iguanas, but let me know either way.

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Did I make a mistake? (probably) Did I forget you, or more importantly, your Iguana?

I'd appreciate your comments etc. Rediguana@oocities.com

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