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21st Century Music An independant label featuring New Age artist Clifford White. 24 Hour Service Station.
4AD Face it, people. If you had a choice to have only one label's offerings sitting on your shelves, wouldn't you want 4AD's? This British site's the next best thing, with info on everyone from Frank Black to Red House Painters to Throwing Muses. Wait ... never heard of 4AD? Well, it ain't too late. Check it out.
Arron Don't even go to this Japanese record label site unless you have the latest Netscape, RealAudio and Shockwave installed and set to go. If you do, listen and look in on Kenji Hayashida and Smappies in this prettily designed if technologically snobby site.
Acid Jazz and other labels These labels may release more than one type of music. Comments/questions about Hyperreal's music archives to: mike@hyperreal.
Alias Records 2815 West Olive Ave.
Alien Intelligence Records On the other side are two very trance style ambient tracks by a very talented British group called ATMOSPHERIC FURNITURE. To get hold of this latest release contact Moe's Music Distribution, Jump Start Distribution or call us direct on the above numbers.
Bad-Vugum "Probably the coolest, weirdest and most exciting record label in Finland," is one of the review lines quoted on this page. He offers "damn fine music and seven-inch vinyl.
Beatservice The home of "Arctic techno-ambient electronic music," this Norwegian record label features news on releases and acts, including Adena Cycle, D.A.C. Crowell, Lord Bard, and Implosion.
Cerebral Music is an independent record label based in Montreal Quebec Canada. Currently featured on CEREBRALSPACE is Montreal's PUSHING UP DAISIES and their latest release entitled WHEEDLE . Wheedle: to get by coaxing or flattery. Pushing Up Daisies a fixture on the Canadian scene since Nirvana was indie has been honing and refining their sound on stages from Ontario to New York to Newfoundland.
Chemikal Underground Records Chemikal Underground Records Chemikal Underground Records was launched in 1995 by the Delgados with the intention of releasing material by other bands in Glasgow unrecognised by the music industry at ...
Cherry Red Easy on the eyes but a tad difficult to navigate, this site offers a catalog and profiles of the artists on this London-based label (and offshoots like Anagram and Žl Records). It's been around since 1978, and has hosted such artists as Marc Bolan (of T-Rex fame), Dead Kennedys, Laibach, Momus and Tracey Thorn.
Cold Meat Industry Can you "sit and enjoy the evolving sound of someone else's nightmare?" If the answer is yes, check out this hefty, well-done page for a Swedish post-industrial music label. Artists include Mental Destruction, In Slaughter Natives... and Brighter Death Now.
Con Artist Recordings An independent record label based in Miami, FL specializing in Miami Bass, Hip-Hop, and Techno.
CONFIDENTIAL RECORDS CONFIDENTIAL Records is UNDERGROUND SOUND STUDIO's own record label which specialises in helping Bands/Artists release their own material, economically and...
Dr. Records Home Page Dr. Records is a small recording label in Stockholm, Sweden, that produces such acts as dr.alban, St. James and Swing.
DREG Records About DREG Records... What kind of music does DREG specialize in? DREG Records is a new independant record company that carries music in the progressive
Duck Squad ÷sterreichisches HipHop Label.(German Label)
Echo Lake Records Is a small independent record label working with talented acoustically-inclined musicians. Our name is taken from a calm picturesque body of water in northeast Atlanta. We hope the name evokes a sense of our intention to honor our listeners. We believe each artist presents a product that is both art and entertainment - something that calls heart and soul that stimulates reasonably deep thoughts an
E-lan Records Hip-hop, dance, funk: cutting-edge music from a cutting-edge label.
FANTASTIC RECORDS Bank Chambers, Market Place, Atherton, Manchester M46 0EG. Tel: 44 (01942) 887711 Fax: 44 (01942) 887722 Email:
Fantastic Records is a Manchester based independent label owned by Lydon Forshaw,
FANTASY RECORDS Largest independent music label in U.S.; one of the world's most comprehensive catalog record companies. The richest concentration of significant jazz, blues, vintage r&b available anywhere. Fire is a label from Iceland (Fire, Ice...hmmmm) P.O.Box 7257
127 Reykjav‚k
GogmaGod Records Home page We're still relatively new, so bookmark us and keep checking back for updates!!! GogmaGod Records is the home of bands like: 30 HELENS, UNDERMINE, ABSOLUTELY JOHNATHON and SEVENTH DAWN.
Rd 1 Box 172
Rt. 22
Wassaic, NY 12592
Heyday Records San Francisco, CA
K is a very independantly... (Punk Label)
Hiljaiset Levyt Records Hiljaiset Levyt (Silent Records in English) was formed in 1986 by two frustrated Finnish pop freaks, Mr. Jukka Junttila and Miss Sari Jormanainen. The company is now a hefty indie label. Find the full catalog and company information here.
Hybrid Structure Productions Montreal label specializing in techno music. Acts include Synthesthesia, the Montreal Project and Steven Snomed. Discography, sound clips, info on where to purchase -- in person or by mail order.
Legend Records Is an independant label out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, started by Ross Tonkin. Since they started in 1994, they have showcased many new...
Lipmonger: This is a brand spanking new punk label ran by two of the dudes from LIPMONGER. Currently it has both 30BC and LIPMONGER debut 7"s under its belt, and with a McRACKINS/LIPMONGER split 7" on the way, and plans for a punk rock CD comp, this label is gonna be big.
Logic Records A leading German music label comes across with sound samples from its diverse artists including Sparks and Wide Area Network. More is promised, soon.
Magisch Theater Juliaandillenstraat 22, 2018 Antwerpen, BELGIUM An independent label doing CDs, vinyl and cassettes all with very high quality presentation and with a shared interest in ritual music.
MELLOW RECORDS: Independent progressive music label
My Blue Web An independent record label specializing in rock, jazz, hardcore, industrial, grunge, heavy metal, and thrash.
North Magnolia Music Company A small independant record label showcasing blues music and musicians who are currently playing in Mississippi, West Tennessee and Northeast I'll do my best to get back to you with an answer, comment,.
Om Records Interactive record label specializing in enhanced CD products. Ambient, acid jazz, hiphop, and punk rock.
Pacemaker Entertainment, Ltd. The name of this record label may be just too apropros, as its roster of artists are Canadian acts that never made it or were one-hit-wonders way back when. We wish this label the best of luck.
Pandemonium Productions 400 West Arthur St.
Play It Again, Sam Gig guides and give-aways from indie Netherlands record label PIAS. Info on PIAS bands, including Young Gods, Magnapop and Channel Zero, as well as Cocteau Twins, Killing Joke and Bettie Serveet. In Dutch, but you can get the gist if you're into music,the universal language.
Plush Records So you wanna be a Rock n' Roll Star ? Plush Records is an artist development and production company with it's own label.
Plutonium Records was established as an independant label in September 1994, in Manchester, England. In addition to being a record label one of the aims
Pop Gun Records An independent record label from Adelaide, Australia. How independent is it? It is run by Jason Bootle, who says he's a lover of music, art and food. He offers "damn fine music and seven-inch vinyl."
Positive Beat London-based independent label - taking reggae into the 21st Century. Also hip-hop/reggae connection.
Pop Narcotic Records Home Page This page was last updated on December 31 1995.(!?) Welcome to the Pop Narcotic home page. As always we're way behind schedule in updating this thing. Over the next few weeks we'll be doing a major update of this page. Hopefully by the time the holiday season is over we'll have a totally remodeled page with new graphics more samples and lots of other new information. To see what we've been up to check
Puddle Records Puddle Records is a New York City-based independent label founded in 1994 by Anne Karle. Puddle currently has three bands on its roster: Return to Jim's Boring Home Page
Rawshack Productions Donzie Barroso and Georges Sulmers founded Rawshack Productions in New York City in February 1995. With this label we are creating a space where new talents can develop and pursue their unique ideas and goals. We encourage our artists to experiment and to attain longevity and continuity in their careers.
Red Iguana Records This label is mostly made up of killer punk bands, especially Felix Frump!!!!! The web page is currently under construction, but check it out. New cool info will be up soon.
Address:P.O. Box 110210
Nutley, NJ 07110
Revelation Records (Huntington Beach, CA)To Order Send mail to Revelation Records or to a Revelation Artist Return to the Revelation homepage The World Square is a trademark of: World Square Corp. copyright 169; 1995 World Square Corp. Most recent update: 6 3 95 E-mail message to The World Square
riverYard was (and still primarily is) a small, independant label for the production of my project (Forgiveness) and other local surrealists/experimentalists.
Roto Noto Music " audio radiance......for the radio audience "
Schizophrenic Recordings/Vindaloo Productions Unclassified Ad is the premier release on Schizophrenic featuring eleven Detroit area bands with musical styles branching out into rock punk folk hip-hop industrial progressive and everything else that the MTV kids would call alternative.
She-T Records This page is the home of She-T Records and The Unlabeled, a punk band from London, Ontario, Canada.
Shoeshine Records
Glasgow independent label Shoeshine Records has been up and running for over a year and a half. Label owner Francis Macdonald has long been associated with ScotlandÕs independent music scene having played and recorded with groups such as Teenage Fanclub, Eugenius, BMX Bandits, The Pastels, Radio Sweethearts and Future Pilot A.K.A. along with artists from further afield such as Dan Penn, Alex Chilton and Kim Fowley. Francis currently drums with hotly-tipped guitar combo Speeder.
Soundings of the Planet We are an artist-owned independent label dedicated to creating the highest quality
Sounds of the City Three indie dance record labels from Manchester, England -- Planet 4, UFG and Fantastic -- share this site. Band bios, discographies, sound clips, merchandise, and links to other dance and DJ pages.
Strawberry Records Rhymes with orange, alternative rock, grunge music, androgynous.
St Roch Records Former Red Rockers keyboardist/real estate developer, Gary Attardo has formed St. Roch Records, a New Orleans-based label. "I know and understand the frustrations of an artist trying to get their music heard", Attardo explains. "With St. Roch we will be hearing and releasing all sorts of music, and even though I respect the heritage of New Orleans and the rich music scene of this city, we will be producing a lot of non-roots music, as well as the new music from around the world."
Trumpeter Records We are constantly updating this site. In the near future, each section of the site will have a featured topic/artist/band.
Virtual Records! It is here that you will find some . of the best new artists the . industry has to offer! . You are visitor . p"> . since April 30, 1996. . Look Down! It gets even cooler!

Better Indie Sites Than This One

Aiding & Abetting Aiding & Abetting. THE independent label music resource. A&A covers the wide spaces of the independent music label universe, with an eye for the frontier.
Business:Corporations:Music:Labels Oh Boy Records/Blue Plate Music/Red Pajamas Records. Trip 'n Spin Recordings Multiverse - Trip "n Spin is a dance music record label based in San Francisco, CA.
HIMS About the Harvard Independent Music Society. Links To Harvard Bands. Spatula PKnJ. Last modified: December 11, 1995 The Harvard Independent Music Society
IndieCentre : an independent label information site INDIE CENTRE is an independent label information site, created to share ideas on releasing in the...
Independent Record Labels OK, this is a list of almost 500 independent record labels! The last time I updated it was April 13, 1996. . It has been compiled for several years by myself (Steve Niece) and others.
New Zealand Record Labels
SF Independent Music Resource San Francisco Independent Music Resource. Well, not *all* San Francisco independent music...just of the punk/noise/garage/what-have-you variety. The SF Bay Area Underground
World Wide Punk: Punk Labels - Directory of Punk Record... Directory of punk, hardcore, ska, Oi, and other record labels. Hundreds of record labels, distributors, stores, mailorders, etc.

Not a label, but I had to include it.

Obsessive Compulsive Mailorder is a mail order distributor of over 350 independent record labels. Our prices are low, our service is mediocre, and our selection is O.K. Our catalog is being updated daily.

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