No Alternatives, preservatives, but hey; we've got expletives.
All Hail the Wild Macaroni King.

Leaden babies, full of nails.

Bulk of the Beast

This is the first official overhaul in over a year.
That's quite a long time to be without anything new.
But, hey; I'm back, I'm drunk, and I'm ready for action, just as long as it can't hit me further than I can see. I would like to thank everyone for their entries into the Recroom's Guestbook, and, as sad as this is, I really appreciate the heart-felt and overall touching things you people have written to me. *sniff*
Two new columnists are on board, with Rebecca P. adding her commentary on "Handicapped Drivers", and Mike K. with his "Micheal Knox's Secrets to Life."
I have a cat! His name is Q.
Bet you all give a flying lead turd about that one. I hope your cats all die, so mine can become the ruler of the domesticated feline world, You Blasphemous Sonsofbitches.

Here we have... oh, shit. Nevermind.

En Masse

The one... the only...The Madness known only as 'dead flowers for lydia deets?'
Have a kinky fetish? ...go visit emilyyyyyyyy, and just try to impress her.
PORN! Oggle-fest, my sons and daughters, oggle-fest.
Crack Whore of the Week. A piece of work.

Save Our Children!

Help the world, and attempt to bring salvation by making this a GAP- less world. Put this .gif on your page, you space-age wonder!

This damned thing is always under construction, so come back often! tell your friends! tell your enemies! post flyers up everywhere! kill a family and write it on the walls with their entrails, and then eat them. The very daring youth could even, dare i even speak it; buy Manson's new album in an attempt to garner that rebel-chic effete! (gasps a plently)

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number of cups of java consumed today: The exact number of derivitives the quantity 2i + pi to the third power has. (That's right, I've only been awake for three hours.)

You are the very sated pig-eating zombie to dine at Uncle Bill's House of Ribs.

This page brought to you by the words BRAIN and WASH.

Rebecca the Bad-Ass.
One of our new columnists,
The Very Sex-xy Becca.

SLACK- get some.

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