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Dave Dobbyn Bibliography

This list is by no means exhaustive, nor have the latest round of Islander articles been added. If you have any information to contribute, please e-mail me. I'm also interested in obtaining copies of the following articles which are titled in red. I own those which have blue titles, and green underlined titles mean the story is on-line, so click it to view.

Most of this bibliography was generated by searching for "Dave Dobbyn" on the INNZ Index New Zealand directory.

Titles are currently sorted by date. I may get around to sorting by publication one day. Don't hold your breath. I am slowly trying to contact some of the authors of the blue titled articles to seek permission to put their work up on this site.

Author Unknown
An unforgettable night
Evening Standard. 13 May 1998
ENZSO concert report, from a Finnless concert in Palmerston North

Author Unknown
Reflecting on a great night out
TNL. 27 Feb 1997
ENZSO concert report

Author Unknown
Musical help for marae
Sunday Star-Times. 23 Feb 1997
Benefit concert report
, including Dave Dobbyn & Neil Finn

Author Unknown
Stars rally to help rebuild marae
TRU. 14 Feb 1997
Benefit concert report, including Dave Dobbyn & Neil Finn

Author Unknown
Dobbyn clicks his fingers in a different direction
Sunday Star-Times. 08 Dec 1996

Enz project is just another beginning
Sunday Star Times. F:4; 24 Mar 1996
Looks at the ENZSO project which sees former members of Split Enz collaborating with the NZ Symphony Orchestra (NZSO), the NZ National
Youth Choir, Dave Dobbyn, Annie Crummer and Sam Hunt.

Author Unknown
It's time to turn on the reality drive
Dominion. 23 Jan 1996

Author Unknown
Dobbyn going 'live' on the Internet
Dominion. 11 Dec 1995

Bands across the water
Rip It Up. 218:12-15; Oct 1995
Looks at the success of NZ bands overseas, focusing on Shihad,
Supergroove, The Muttonbirds, Dave Dobbyn and the Nixons.

Meyrick,-Rachel (and others)
Rip It Up. 214:37-38; Jun 1995
Reviews Sheryl Crow, Dave Dobbyn at Logan Campbell Centre, 28 Apr.

New Zealand singles
Rip It Up. 214:35; Jun 1995
Reviews 'Naked flame', Dave Dobbyn.

Russell,-John (and others)
Rip It Up. 211:40; Mar 1995
Reviews Dave Dobbyn at the Powerstation, Auckland.

Round the twist
Real Groove. 26:14; Feb 1995
Interviews the singer/songwriter about the art of songwriting.

New Zealand singles
Rip It Up. 210:34; Feb 1995
Reviews 'Lap of the gods' by Dave Dobbyn.

Author Unknown
Dobbyn fans cheer new twist in style
Evening Post. 16 Jan 1995

THE DOMINION, 14 JAN 1995, Edition , Page 20.
This dude just gets better and better

Dobbyn's Amazing Grace
Evening Post. P.14; 61cm; 12 Jan 1995
Talks to the singer about his new album and his career.

Release of the month
Real Groove. 25:23; Dec 1994/Jan 1995
Reviews 'Twist' by Dave Dobbyn.

Open and Joyful
Listener. 146(2851):55; 3 Dec 1994
Reviews 'Twist' by Dave Dobbyn.

Twists of Fate
Listener. 146(2851):16-21; 3 Dec 1994
Profiles the singer/songwriter and discusses his career.

Fox,-Angela (and others)
Local sounds international
New Zealand Musician. 5(3):6-7; Dec 1994
Reviews 'Twist' by Dave Dobbyn.

Russell,-John (and others)
Rip It Up. 208:29-30; Dec 1994
Reviews 'Twist' by Dave Dobbyn.

The Dobbyn you Know
Rip It Up. 208:20; Dec 1994
Discusses the latest work of the musician/singer, including his recordings 'Twist' and 'Lament for the numb'.

Dobbyn with a Twist
The Press. P.25; 76cm; 25 Nov 1994
Talks to the musician about his new album 'Twist'.

The homecoming
New Zealand Herald. 2:1; 104cm; 18 Nov 1994
Talks to the musician about his comeback with the album 'Twist'.

Home and happy
Southern Skies. P.12-18; Nov 1994
Profiles the singer/songwriter and discusses his new album, 'Twist'.

Beneath the wrapping
Listener. 145(2841):45; 24 Sep 1994
Details latest releases of the Exponents... and Dave Dobbyn.

The dream team
Sunday Star Times. D:1; 72cm; 11 Sep 1994
Talks to the musicians about their collaboration, with Finn producing
the new Dobbyn album.

New Zealand
Rip It Up. 205:38; Sep 1994
Reviews 'Language' by Dave Dobbyn

Rip It Up. 201:34,37-39; May 1994
Reviews 'Don't hold your breath' by Dave Dobbyn and the Stone People.

Author Unknown
Entertainment scores well
New Zealand Herald. Page 3/2; 10 Mar 1994
Dave Dobbyn & the All Blacks help NZ turn in winning trade performance

Kay,-George (and others)
Rip It Up. 197:24-25; Dec 1993
Reviews 'The Dave Dobbyn Collection' by Dave Dobbyn.

A slice of Dobbyn
More. 125:42-47; Nov 1993
Talks to the singer/songwriter about his career.

The right pitch
Listener. 140(2793):22; 16 Oct 1993
Discusses the rise of a cappella singing in NZ. Mentions the
television programme 'Strictly Acappella', Dave Dobbyn and Tony Backhouse.

Shaky isles beckon Dobbyn
The Press. P.23; 31cm; 27 Aug 1993
Talks to the musician about his latest album, 'Lament for the numb'.

Dave's back
Evening Post. P.23; 36cm; 26 Aug 1993
Talks to the musician about his new album 'Lament for the numb'.

Dobbyn hits the road in NZ to sell latest work
Otago Daily Times. P.27; 34cm; 25 Aug 1993
Talks to the musician about his latest album 'Lament for the numb'.

The realist
New Zealand Herald. 2:1; 121cm; 20 Aug 1993
Talks to the musician about changing directions in his career and
details the songs on his new album 'Lament for the numb'.

Bollinger,-Nick; Brown,-Russell
The black album
Listener. 140(2784):42-44; 14 Aug 1993
Reviews 'Lament for the numb' by Dave Dobbyn.

Homeward bound
New Zealand Woman's Weekly. P.8; 2 Aug 1993
Talks to the singer/songwriter.

Slice of Dobbyn
Rip It Up. 193:16-17; Aug 1993
Interviews the singer/songwriter about moving back to NZ from
Australia, his new album 'Lament for the numb' and his career.

Walker,-Campbell; Cain,-Alister; Bourke,-Chris
Rip It Up. 192:21-22; Jul 1993
Reviews 'Lament for the numb' by Dave Dobbyn and the Stone People

Dave's taste for drama
New Zealand Woman's Weekly. P.30-31; 27 Apr 1992
Reveals that the Sydney-based NZ songwriter has composed the theme
music for TV3's new soap opera.

Dave is on a roll!
New Zealand Woman's Weekly. P. 26; 30 Dec 1991
Profiles the singer.

Rip It Up. 173:37; Dec 1991
Reviews 'Shaky Isles' by Dave Dobbyn.

Amery,-Mark (and others)
Musical bands
Stamp. 23:24-25; Sep 1991
Reviews performances by local musicians and bands, including Dave
Dobbyn & G W McLennan

Listener. 130(2683):46-47; 26 Aug 1991
Reviews a concert by Dave Dobbyn and G W McLennan, The Gluepot, Auckland.

McLennan and Dobbyn leave audience suitably grateful
Dominion. P. 21; 6 Aug 1991
Reviews concert by G W McLennan and Dave Dobbyn, The New Carpark,

Gee,-Kirk (and others)
Rip It Up. 169:35-36; Aug 1991
Reviews Dave Dobbyn, Sammy's, Dunedin, 1 Aug.

Talented twosome team up
Otago Daily Times. P. 26; 31 Jul 1991
Backgrounds the careers of the musicians GW McLennan & Dave Dobbyn,
who have produced a collaborative album 'Watershed'.

Rhythm nation
Listener. 126(2610):SupP77-79; 19 Mar 1990
Features the TVNZ World Vision sponsored Television programme 'Facing
the Music - Dave Dobbyn in Southern Africa', (exploring the life and
music of Zimbabwe and Lesotho).

Dobbyn's Africa
Sunday Magazine. P. 22-27; 4 Mar 1990
Talks to musician Dave Dobbyn about his experiences in Southern Africa
and his interest in photography.

Contract out on Dobbyn
New Zealand Herald. 2:3; 23 Jun 1989
Features Dave Dobbyn.

Rip It Up. 133:32; Aug 1988
Reviews Dave Dobbyn at the Power Station, Auckland.

Bourke,-Chris; McKessar,-Paul; Hyland,-Matthew
Shake summation
Rip It Up. 131:28-29; Jun 1988
Reviews 'Loyal' by Dave Dobbyn.

Campbell,-Duncan; Byrne,-Tim
Rip It Up. 129:20; Apr 1988
Reviews 'Loyal' by Dave Dobbyn.

The likely lad: love and loyalty
Rip It Up. 128:16; Mar 1988
Interviews the musician who created 'Loyal', discusses his music and lyric composition.

Shake summation
Rip It Up. 128:8,10; Mar 1988
Reviews 'Love you like I should', by Dave Dobbyn.

Making movies: top dog: Footrot Flats
Rip It Up. 114:4; Jan 1987
Talks to Dave Dobbyn about writing the music for 'Footrot Flats'.

Shake summation
Rip It Up. 110:22; Sep 1986
Reviews 'Slice of heaven; by Dave Dobbyn with Herbs.

The luck of the Irish
Rip It Up. 106:12-15; May 1986
Describes the Dave Dobbyn and Stone People tour of rural NZ.

Satellite Spies: the first of the entrepreneur-backed bands
Metro (Auckland). 51:198; Sep 1985
Reports on the progress of The Mullanes led by Neil Finn, what Tim
Finn and Dave Dobbyn are doing, and financial backing for NZ rock

Dobbyn: finally cleared
Rip It Up. 96:34; Jul 1985
Describes the acquittal of the musician on charges laid in connection
with the Queen Street riot in Dec 1984.

In search of smash hits
Rip It Up. 87:16-18; Oct 1984
Talks to Dave Dobbyn about making music with DD Smash.

Dobbyn moves on
Rip It Up. 77:Sup.P.4; Dec 1983
Talks to Dave Dobbyn about disbanding DD Smash and going solo.

DD Smash: making a household name
Metro (Auckland). 28:34; Oct 1983
Looks at the rock band led by Dave Dobbyn and describes a weekend gig
at Mainstreet.

Rock singer Dave Dobbyn of DD Smash: what you see is what there is
Metro (Auckland). 20:76-81; Feb 1983

Features the lead singer of the rock band DD Smash. Describes one of their concerts.

D D Smash
Rip It Up. 56:10-11; Mar 1982
Talks to the lead singer/songwriter Dave Dobbyn about the band.

Rip It Up. 49:20; Aug 1981
Reviews 'Bull by the horns' by Dave Dobbyn.

Rip It Up. 42:16; Jan 1981
Reviews 'Lipstick power' by Dave Dobbyn.


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