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Right First Time--Th' Dudes (1979)
Be Mine Tonight / Bad Boy Billy / Stop Crying / Right First Time / That Look in Your Eyes / Can't Get Over You (At All) / You Don't Have to Go / On Sunday / There You Are
Key 36685, K97
(cassette & LP)

Where are the Boys?--Th' Dudes (1980)
Walking in Light / Spitball Speed / The Modern Choice / Lonely Man / Until You Do / Take it Back / Bliss / You Got Something / On the Rox / All My Lovers / You Can Make Me Dance
Stebbing, Key, L37018 (cassette & LP)

So You Wanna be a Rock-n-Roll Star--Th' Dudes (1982)
Be Mine Tonight / That Look in Your Eyes / Right First Time / Walking in Light / Hope / Bliss
Key 20041, D30560
(cassette, LP & CD)

Cool Bananas--DD Smash (1982)
Devil You Know / Bury that Gun / Solo / Blue Note / Repetition / Silence / Save Yer / White Water / Say / The Gambler
Mushroom D19523
(cassette, LP & CD)

Deep in the Heart of Taxes--DD Smash (1983)
Your Best Friend's a Moose / Solo / Devil You Know / Outlook for Thursday / Guilty / Bury That Gun / Itinerary / The Gambler
Live 29 July 1983 at Mainstreet, Auckland
Mushroom L29016
( LP & Cassette)
(NB: LP version does not include "Bury That Gun")

The Optimist--DD Smash (1984)
Magic what She Do / The Optimist / Surrender / She Loves Me Back / Actor / Whaling / Open Up / What a Day / Don't Give Up / Guilty thru Neglect / Tobacco Indian / Headstart
Mushroom D19524

Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale --Dave Dobbyn (1986)
Footrot Mornin' / Let's Get Canine / I Dream of Rugby / Satdy Arvo / Horses Beat / You Oughta be in Love / Vernon the Vermin / Cooch / Nuclear Waste / Blackwater / Lost at Sea / Top Dog / Slice of Heaven
CBS CDCBS 450468
Nuclear Waste is performed by Herbs

Loyal--Dave Dobbyn (1988)
Love You Like I Should / Ain't No Doubt (Someone's Life) / Defying Gravity / Hell Takes No Holiday / Stay / Loyal / Slice of Heaven / I Wanna Know You / Little Zeroes / 2 Fast Cars / Liberty Bound / Joy
CBS 460655

Dave Dobbyn Collection--Dave Dobbyn (1993)
Be Mine Tonight / Lipstick Power / Devil You Know / Solo / Repetition / Outlook for Thursday / Magic / Whaling / Guilty / Slice of Heaven / Oughta be in Love / Loyal / Love You Like I Should / Stay
Festival D30733

Lament For The Numb--Dave Dobbyn and the Stone People (1993)
Lament for the Numb / Falling off a Log / Belle of the Ball / The Expert / Palace / Bring the House Down / Buried in the Backyard / Maybe the Rain / Belltower / Love over All / Don't Hold Your Breath
East West 450992330

Twist--Dave Dobbyn (1994)
The Lap of the Gods / Naked Flame / P.C. / It Dawned on Me / Protection / What Do You Really Want / Gifted / Betrayal / Language / Umm / Rain on Fire / I Can't Change my Name
Epic 477792

Twist (US Version)--Dave Dobbyn (1995)
The Lap of the Gods / Language / Naked Flame / Lament for the Numb / P.C. / Belle of the Ball / Maybe the Rain / Protection / What Do You Really Want? / Rain on Fire / It Dawned on Me / I Can't Change My Name
Tristar WK35025

The Islander--Dave Dobbyn (1998)
Waiting / Mobile Home / Hanging in the Wire / Be Set Free / Beside You / Blindman's Bend / Standing Outside / What Have I Fallen For / I Never Left You / Keep a Light On / Hands / One Proud Minute / Hallelujah Song

Epic 491456.2


Be Mine Tonight--Th' Dudes (1979)
b/w That Look in Your eyes
Key K93

Right First Time--Th' Dudes (1979)
b/w Tonight Again
Key K97

Walking in Light--Th' Dudes (1979)
b/w Bad Boy Billy
Key K100

Bliss--Th' Dudes
b/w On the Box
Key K107

Lipstick Power--Dave Dobbyn (1981)
b/w Behind a Painted Smile
Epic ES545

Bull by the Horns--Dave Dobbyn (1981)
b/w Luvaway
Epic ES636

Repetition--DD Smash (1981)
b/w Arabia by Foot
Mushroom K8427

The Devil You Know --DD Smash (1982)
b/w White Water
Mushroom, K8429

Solo--DD Smash (1982)
b/w Save Yer
Mushroom K8848

Outlook for Thursday--DD Smash (1983)
b/w Itinerary
Mushroom K9027

Actor--DD Smash (1983)
b/w Nomada
Mushroom K9466

Whaling--DD Smash (1984)
b/w I met a Loser
Mushroom K9466

Magic (What She Do)--DD Smash (1984)
b/w Headstart
Mushroom K9703

Magic (What She Do) (12")--DD Smash (1984)
b/w Tobacco Indian

Surrender--DD Smash (1985)
b/w Surrender (instrumental)
Mushroom K9786

She Loves me Back--DD Smash (1985)
b/w What a Day
Mushroom K9710

Slice of Heaven--Dave Dobbyn (1986)
b/w Slice of Heaven (Music Mix)

You Oughta be in Love--Dave Dobbyn (1986)
b/w Horses Beat

Defying Gravity--Dave Dobbyn (1988)
b/w Liberty Bound (instrumental)
CBS 652980

Loyal--Dave Dobbyn (1988)
b/w Saved
CBS 651558

Love You Like I Should--Dave Dobbyn (1988)
b/w 2 Fast Cars
CBS C651377

Space Junk (theme to Space Nights)--Dave Dobbyn (1989)
b/w Space Junk (alternative mix)
CBS 655132

Shaky Isles--Dave Dobbyn (1991)
b/w Overentertained / Memorial Greenhouse / Shaky Isles (Karaoke Mix)

Maybe the Rain--Dave Dobbyn (1993)
b/w Bring the House Down

Belle of the Ball--Dave Dobbyn (1993)
b/w The Expert
Trafalgar 45099 3839-4

Don't Hold Your Breath--Dave Dobbyn (1994)
b/w Buried in the Back Yard
Warner 45099 5952-4

Language--Dave Dobbyn (1994)
b/w Whaling (live) / Belltower (live) / Language (potmix)
Sony 660765

Lap of the Gods--Dave Dobbyn (1994)
b/w Lap of the Gods (album version) / Twisted
Epic 660956

Naked Flame (radio edit)--Dave Dobbyn (1995)
b/w What Do You Really Want / Naked Flame (album version)
Sony 661431

Poor Boy--ENZSO (1996)
b/w I See Red / Albert of India
Epic 663057
Note: B-side does not feature Dave Dobbyn

Guest Spots

All Of Us: "Sailing Away"
DD sings the opening line and during the group parts of this fund raising single for the America's Cup challenge in 1987.

Exponents: "Like She Said"
DD plays guitar on this Single, found also on Album "Grassy Knoll" & Album " Once Bitten Twice Bitten"

Jenny Morris: "Digger"
DD sings on this track

GW McLennan
DD Produces & Plays on first solo Album
DD Produces & Plays on second solo album

ENZSO: "Poor Boy" " My Mistake"
DD has lead vocals for these two songs

Finn: "Kiss the Road of Rarotonga"
DD plays bass guitar

Wayne Gillespie: "Living In Exile"
Dave Dobbyn guests on the album

Greg Johnson "Softly on Me"
DD produced a-side to single

ENZSO2: "Devil You Know" "Maybe"
DD has lead vocals for these two songs

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