We're still collecting lyrics, so if you have any typed up or any corrections (or can decypher Bliss), please email them to Jon-Paul.   I've tried to be as accurate to the recorded songs as possible. Often the liner booklet interpretations are rather creative. Just click on the underlined song titles below to view the lyric. Click on the album name for more information on a particular record. Thanks to Robbie, Dennis, Oren & Tim on the Umm mailing list who helped out;

So You Wanna be a Rock n Roll Star? --Th' Dudes (1982)

Cool Bananas--DD Smash (1982)

The Optimist--DD Smash (1984) 

Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale --Dave Dobbyn (1986)

Loyal--Dave Dobbyn (1988)

Dave Dobbyn Collection--Dave Dobbyn (1993)

Space Junk (Single)--Dave Dobbyn (1989)

Shaky Isles (Single)--Dave Dobbyn (1991)

Lament For The Numb--Dave Dobbyn (1993)

Twist--Dave Dobbyn (1994)

The Islander--Dave Dobbyn (1998)

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