Photoessay: Bethells Beach


Much of Dave Dobbyn's album TWIST was written or inspired by the rugged Bethells Beach (or Te Henga) on Auckland's west coast. Keen photographer and Umm mailing list member Chris Jack took the following photos of the landscape at Bethells.

There are eight photographs to load, so be patient, it might take a few minutes!

     cj-beach.gif (35264 bytes)

On the seventh wave rides my aspirations- It Dawned On Me

cj-fence.gif (56848 bytes)

The marble sand of sculptors- Betrayal

cj-grass.gif (111006 bytes)

The black dunes hiss with the grasses' breath- It Dawned On Me

 cj-house.gif (83649 bytes)

It's performance art and it's framed by a house- Naked Flame

cj-mail.gif (60797 bytes)

Will you deliver me? Whatever it was it was my sin- Protection

cj-manuka.gif (138993 bytes)

The wind had sculpted the manuka on the hill to the west of the house- What do You Really Want?


cj-sand.gif (109407 bytes)

And I'm kinda getting used to the wilderness- I Can't Change My Name

cj-toitoi.gif (182215 bytes)

I've been out, I've been out in the long grass and the wind- I Can't Change My Name

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