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The Mike Babich Testimonial
Dave Dobbyn
Trivia Contest

Dear Jon-Paul,

I read your so called "Dobbyn page" and I have some interesting facts (and corrections) that may be of help.

1) Dave wrote Bliss in 1979 with the help of his daughter. The song is actually about drugs as one of her friends was an addict.

2) Although Dave Dobbyn is well known as a NZ singer he actually wasn't born here. He was born in Argentina and emigrated here when he was 10.

3) DD did not actually write "Poor Boy". Instead he employed the services of writers Tim and Ned Finn, formerly of Ends with a Bang which was a popular 80's pop band.

4) When Dobbyn wrote the Footrot Flats album in 1987 he was fooled into thinking he was writing songs for UK pop sensation U2.

5) Dave was approached to write the new "Star Wars" soundtrack, he had to turn it down due to a recent groin strain.

6) in 1984 Dave took a break from music after an irate fan through a bottle at his leg. DD crashed to the stage vowing "never to sing again" which actually sparked the Queen St Riots.

7) Although Dave Dobbyn is an accomplished musician it is not fair to say that he's "the best in the world", the best is actually Tiffany.

Mike B.

As administrator of this (so-called) website, I receive numerous corrections and suggestions for The Belltower, and bits of gossip about Dave Dobbyn himself. Recently a helpful man by the name of Mike Babich sent me these pieces of Dobbyn trivia, which will no-doubt be fascinating to both his fans and detractors alike (Mike's that is).

If anyone out there has any further interesting snippets of Dobbyn trivia to add to the seven below, which won't result in a libel suit, please send them to me ( The sender of most "amazing" fact will win a similarly "amazing" Dobbynish prize... umm... like... oh I dunno... a toy whale (which may or may not be signed by Dave himself) and a DD cassingle.

There is a limit of three "facts" per person. The judge's decision is final, etc. Contest closes at the end of April 1999.


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