Play the "Whaling" Game

In recent years Dave's anthem "Whaling" has been performed live with a fabulous "call-and- response" section at the end, which is always drawn to a close with a lung-defying call of "Whaaaaaaaaaaling!"

This was noted in Chris Bourke's Twists of Fate article;

Dobbyn, newly resettled in the area, entered with "Hello, neighbours!" - and, from that moment, a community atmosphere prevailed. Early on, the 10-year-old sea shanty "Whaling" became rock'n'roll karaoke, as Dobbyn traded lines ("Sing bravo, bravo!") with the crowd, until its enthusiasm threatened to overwhelm him. The only way for Dobbyn to take control was to reach deep into his lungs and belt out an epic 15-second "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaling" - and, as the audience gasped for breath, it burst into applause. (The performance is captured on "Language", the first single from Twist.)

Dobbyn may be short on stature, but not on vocal power. See if you can match the little guy; take a deep breath, and click the link below to activate the WAV file.

OK, I'm ready to match Dave's










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