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A doodle I done

Being productive, by usual standards, is really crap and boring, especially when you have huge gaps of time stuck in university with nowt to do - You've e-mailed everyone you know (well, everyone you know with access to a computer), ICQ is getting boring cos nobodies about, all your mates are skiving off with 'hangovers', and you've drunk enough Creamichoc (TM) to fill a bucket? Now what do you do?
Answer: IRC!
If you don't already know, IRC (or Internet Relay Chat) is a system whereby you can access channels/rooms and talk to people who allegedy share the same general interests as you. You can make new chums, download music (c/o #mp3punk on Dalnet), witter on to complete strangers about your darkest deepest secrets, as well as a whole bunch of other stuff. Sometimes I get so bored I go to #vampirepub on Dalnet and annoy the patrons with the help of my minions, Darkstryd and Ken_Golf! #Vampirepub is a role playing channel, so to blend in (!), we created characters to cause some havoc with, and hopefully get away with it. So, ladies and gents, I give you...

dEaThShEd (pictured here on the left) is kind of a grim reaper type bloke, complete with scythe, flowing black robes and skellington body. He has somehow gained a reputation for being a nasty but powerful git, mainly through rumour spreading by Ken, but i have yet to release my full potential. Favourite Pastimes: Making a mess on the tables, dissecting bats and using magic laser fingers to torture Ken. Oh, and annoying vampires.

A relatively new chap, he's sort of a demon, but he's really tiny (on right, duh). Favourite Pastimes: Setting fire to beermats, setting fire to his table, setting fire to other patrons. Oh yeah, and annoying vampires. (Usually by calling them 'varlets'. It seems to piss them off a lot.)

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