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Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was inevitable that Angelfire would eventually figure out i was abusing their webpages, and they have deleted some of my mp3s, and at present, i have no means to replace them, what with my shitty-arsed internet connection ( FUCK YOU KINGSTON COMMUNICATIONS ). So if a link is broken, it ain't my fault, and i can't fix it yet, although if you let me know, it would be appreciated so i can update thee page. Thanks.

Okay, so here's a page of MP3's for you. I own the CD's these songs are off, and if you do too, you can download them quite freely. However, if you don't, you must delete them from your computer within 24 hours, otherwise you have broken the law, which is very naughty...

If you don't pay attention, you won't be able do it, so listen. The procedure for downloading is thus;
1) LEFT click on the MP3 you want and LEFT click 'download'
2) The MP3 can be found in the resultant zip file.
3) That's it, dumbass. Remember you need a copy of WinAmp of somthing similar to play it on (duh)

So without further ado, here you go...

Against All Authority Just An Obstruction Hopelessly Devoted To You Too Hopeless 1.22M
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Vexed Honky Reduction Relapse 0.46M
Anal Cunt A-Team Theme Tune It Just Gets Worse Earache 0.69M
Bouncing Souls I Like Your Mom The Good, The Bad And The Argyle BYO 0.71M
Bruce Lee Band Gerry Is Strong S/T Asian Man 1.53M
Buck O Nine (Dr. Kitch) GONE Water In My Head Taang! 3.01M
Bullocks Losing My Religion Punk Chartbusters Vol. 3 Wolverine 2.11M
Chickenheads (NEW!) Just For The Taste Of It Hey Brother 2 Vegas 2.52M
Citizen Fish Conditional Silence Wider Than A Postcard Bluurg! 2.02M
Dayglo Abortions Dogfarts Feed Us A Fetus GOD 1.88M
Dead Kennedys Chemical Warfare Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables Cherry Red 2.64M
Descendents (NEW!) Gotta I'm The One 7" Epitaph 2.01M
Diesel Boy (NEW!) 3's & 4's Cock Rock Honest Don's 2.12M
Gore Beyond Necropsy The Worst Shit In The World Noise A-Go-Go Relapse 0.11M
Jawbreaker Boat Dreams From The Hill 24 Hour Revenge Therapy Tulepo 2.07M
Kid With Man Head Red Eyes Flapjack Hairpiece One Foot 1.92M
Link 80 Up To The Top Misfits Of Ska 2 Asian Man 1.37M
Moral Crux Kick It Over Moral Crux CM 1.92M
NOFX (Lazy Train) GONE Happy Meals 2 My Records 3.43M
Oizone Love Me For A Reason Melting Pot EP Damaged Goods 2.10M
Operation Ivy I Got No Rancid (Bootleg) 1.13M
Period Pains Heroes Spice Girls EP Damaged Goods 1.43M
Pink Lincolns I've Got My Tie On Back To The Pink Room Stiff Pole 1.69M
Propagandhi Woe Is Me Where Quality Is Job #1 Recess 1.33M
Quincy Punx Fuck You We're Not Punks... Recess 1.50M
Screeching Weasel Nicaragua BoogaddaBoogaddaBoogadda Lookout! 0.88M
Sicko On The Clock You Can Feel The Love In This Room eMpTy 1.59M
Snuff Bob Tweet Tweet, My Lovely Fat Wreck 0.55M
The Chinkees You Don't Know ...Are Coming! Asian Man 2.36M
Toy Dolls (NEW!) I'm Gonna Be 500 Miles One More Megabyte Reciever 2.70M
Tribe 8 Manipulate Fist City Alt. Tentacles 1.94M
Vandals And Now We Dance Live Fast Diarrea Kung Fu 1.84M
Wizo How Could I've Known? Uaaargh! Fat Wreck 2.03M

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