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Being as this is, a geocities free site, i only have a total of 10 megabites of space to put my crap on, but i thought i'd put a downloadin' section on anyway and fill it with bits of small crap. Well, not crap. Nice things. Because nice things are good. And you deserve them. You're a good person and i think i can trust you with them.
Anyway, what we have here is a collection of legal things for you to download. No nasty things here. No sir! So go ahead and knock yourself out. Then, download all these cool things and waste hours on them. Once you've regained conscience, obviously. If there is anything here you feel shouldnt be, just mail me and i'll sort it out. Or just mail me anyway. I get bored a lot, and it might be good for a laugh...


Okay... First up is Slam! (34.9K), a brill air hockey table simulator! Obviously not as good as Shoufpluc on the Acorn, i think this is about as good as PC air hockey simulators get. You can even change the colours and the angle of the table. Top dog!

Look, you lucky lucky people! I've got a copy of the Nightmare On Elm Street (266K) game! Can you run like a scared donkey away from Freddy Kruger while he beats up your mates? I bet you can.

Here's a really old but cool game, Alley Cat (30.0K). It's completly unique and really quite a freaky game. Can you, as the lowly alley cat, find mice is humongous blocks of cheese? Can you avoid getting the shit beaten out of you by a mop whilst you steal dog food? Hopefully you can, and you must if you want to grab the attentions of the lovely Miss Cat. This game kicks ass, if you can stomach the gaudy graphics and internal-speaker music.

Rogue (48.8K) is another really old game, but it's also good. Completely differnent every time you play it, it's an RPG set in a big big dungeon. I presume the idea is to get out (it's not clear), collecting cool spells and potions and disembowelling hideous monsters (such as emus!). It has tons of different things to do n'all because it uses practically the whole keyboard. Mega!

Other Funky Stuff

Included for you divulsion(?) is a copy of Match Finder (4.28K), an amazingly accurate match prediction program. Basically, you enter information about yourself, such as you date and time of birth, your name and your favourite colour, and the program does the rest. Like i said, it's very accurate!

Next up: A wizard insult generator, AutoInsult (95.9K). Pretty standard in design, but now with a shakespearian insult mode. Now you can insult your friends, and they won't know what your talking about (as usual). Unless they did GCSE/A-Level/A Degree in English.

What would your life we without this Corruption Test (7.31K)? Meaningless, that's what. And probably empty too. So download it. It's a silly quiz to find out how hard you are, basically. Go on you big wuss!

Also, if you missed the Zombie Messagemate (168K) from my zombie page, you can get it here too.

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