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Monkeys. Everyone loves 'em, right? Wrong! For countless years, monkeys have had to live in a society that degrades them and denies them even basic rights. Monkeys are used by the cruel and greedy for their own gains, with little thought or care into the monkey's welfare. Some even begin to hurt and disfigure their poor monkeys. These people should and must be stopped! After witnessing cruelty to monkeys myself, i was left a badly injured monkey on my doorstep. Without a second thought, i took it into my care and looked after it. With the help of my neighbour we were able to save the monkey and since that day, i have not looked back! Monkeys all over the globe need help, and to make the first step on this long and treacherous road, i opened my monkey sanctuary in November 1998. Here are the monkeys currently in residence...

Poor Julia Julia Spank

Poor Julia was the first monkey into my sanctuary. She was left outside my door in a terrible state. She had had both arms ripped out and was covered from head to toe in blue chalk. She also had severe damage to her face and one of her toes. As you can see from the picture, we were unable to save her arms, but she was thoroughly washed and her face was expertly stitched back together again. She had also lost a lot of stuffing, but a disaster was averted thanks to a unfortunate donor - Mr Spank, who was sadly found killed and mutilated beyond recognition. Mr Spank RIP.


Floyd Floyd

This is Floyd. Floyd was abandoned by his family at a young age because of his homosexuality. Found in the Thirsk Salvation Army shop, we decided to adopt Floyd into my sanctuary, where he leads a happy and free life. Floyd likes dressing up in his yellow glasses and spiky collar and spends most of the day hanging from various surfaces from his megalong monkey arms.



Monkey Moo Monkey Moo

Here's grumpy Monkey Moo. The first (but not the last) gorilla to be adopted into the sanctuary in December 1998. I found Monkey Moo in the Hull branch of Scope, and he looked so miserable I had to take him with me. Although he still spends all day moping around, he at least now has the space and company to do it in. As well as a moody disposition, he has a constantly runny nose. He is also very fond of bananas.


Pepperoni Pepperoni

Pepperoni was graciously saved from the tyranny of 'Everything's A Pound" by my lovely girlfriend. He has since been left in the care of my monkey sanctuary away from the sharks and mosquitos that inhabited his previous home. Prone to rolling off flat surfaces, Pepperoni loves nothing more then stuffing his already oversize belly with tuna pizzas and banana sandwiches. He is also strangely bouncy, although he tries to avoid bouncing around as much as possible.


Bounder Bounder

Being the monkey he is, Bounder isn't going to take any crap off anyone. Although happy to be with other monkeys, he is liable to turn hostile against humans, especially those he doesn't know. His stocky build and mean expression are enough to intimidate those who would cross his path and quite frankly, he could have you. Anytime. Very protective over his fellow monkeys, especially Barry, Pepperoni, Cuthbert and Shrimp, whom he shares his living space with. Quite a recent addition to the sanctuary, Bounder was adopted in early May 1999.


Coming soon.. more monkey profiles from my sanctuary
I bet you can't wait!

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