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EX/Poly800 mods Here.
The Official Matrix Page has moved Here.
  • New blank Fatman patch sheets on Synth World
  • ROLAND M-VS1 Editor

    You must get this Editor if you own an M-VS1!! It looks and works great!!!!! I swear It is definately worth registering. For how much extra it helps it is really worth the dough!!
  • M-VS1 editor
  • News Flash

    New York Industrial Front

    Join the New York Industrial Front... for more info see the .. NYIF web page

    Samples of the New York Industrial Front

    Samples of NYIF bands are posted Here.

    The Official Matrix Page Here.
    Lots of pictures and sounds
    To see some MindFrame pictures/photos/naked chicks... (no there really aren't naked chicks... but wouldn't that be cool??(naked chicks to be added next year!!)) click here

    Synth World

    Main....Matrix.... NYIF Reviews.... Synth World....Sounds
    2. Modulus web page (DIY synth news letter)
    3. (Look for the fatman)
    4. Kreestof's Web page (Psycho Horror)
    5. Adem from Psycho Horror's web page!!!!!!
    6. Interface's web page
    7. Dystopiaone's web page
    8. Count Zero Interrupt's web page
    9. Lou's page (lots of really cool links here
    10. CrAZy Mike Fales CrAzY web page!!!!!
    11. GRINDINGintoEMPTINESS monthly electrozine - Pretty cool e-zine, lotsa reviews and really great links, and some nice stuff to say about us!!
    12. LAST SIGH ZINE I love this zine!

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