Fel-Dawg's HOuse of HIjinx III

This is Fel-Dawg's last adventure as he scrolls down the information superhighway known as Cyberspace. As much joy as it has brought Fel-Dawg, he must resist the overwhelming temptation to "Surf the Net." Anyways, the following information is a last attempt at comedy to bring joy and jolly smilies to the millions of users that will witness this fiasco.

The following web page has come to include the following personas. These people who are the seen as Titans in the world we live in. The people mentioned in this page are people I hold upon a pedistal, looked up by the world as kings and queens of their domain. They exemplify the plethora of life that was intended by the Almighty. They reveal the vast cornacopia that we call life. These people form a simbiotic relationship with the activities of our visible galaxy.
By now you must be wondering who these powerful demigods are, and what masterful possessions they have within their grasp. What magical and supernatural experiences have caused their being? Anyways, the list below contains within its content the specifications and attributes that have dawned upon the world. This ever precious and sacred list hold within its possession the ever prized and valued people within the entire world. Yet, the above immortal exemplifies only the limited supply of the supernatural that attend the educational center of Paul VI High School. The below figures are men and women that contribute multiply attractions to the society they live around, residing in either college or residing in the north latitude/longitude of Maryland, in the proximination of Rockville and Gaithersburg. These people hold possessions and talents treasured by the mortal universe, valuing these talents and gifts as precious.
  1. Christina "Lolo" Lo
  2. Mok-yi "PUpChow/Hormone Boy" Chow
  3. Dan "Ghidrah Playa Pro" Tang
  4. Dave "Emperor" Tang
  5. John "Golddust" Liang
  6. Steven "Freestylin, I'm in love with my girlfriend Vi, Chink" Lan
  7. Kevin "Get Big Barkley" Hsu
  8. Wendy "Wei Wei" Wang
  9. Jennifer "I need to relax and not worry about school so much" Chow
  10. Chris "I wanna be good in basketball, but I can't" Chen
  11. Anchyi "Too Cool" Wei
  12. Edwin "I also wanna be good in basketball" Leong
  13. Andy "Buff Guy" Lin
  14. Karen "Totorro Girl, whatever totorro is" Park