the Curtain Opens...

i am jonelle. well, ya know. i'm just this girl. yes, yes, i AM super... definitely... and i'm not just talking about my outstanding outlook on life, but the basic fact that I, jonelle, as most superhero's do, have qualities and abilities that make me... well, super. i don't have high hopes for this webpage, there's no way it could possibly measure up to my own high amounts of super-ness. i started it on my christmas vacation visiting family in washington, and now that i'm back in texas i prefer the lifestyle that ISN'T sitting in front of my computer 10 hours a day. (i think i suffered some eye-damage.. my mom's computer screen is huuuge..) plus i also have a job and school which, of course, take much higher priority when procrastination isn't in process. but i've decided that i do have time to write some short rants. so the one thing that will be added often will probably be my little commentaries on events in my life at that time. yes, it's another one of those webpages. this one's better though. you just can't deny it. why would you want to? you need me.

This is what you get to know about me: there is an unnaturally large amount of peanut butter in my parent's house. i think kittens and damon albarn exist to help the world better understand the word "adorable." i am in my second year in college at UNT in Denton, Tx. I believe Radiohead is the greatest band alive. i've got posters on my walls. I have achieved my goal to finally attain what appears to be irridescent hair. I have a piano in my dining room. I hate MTV more than anything. Red Mountain Dew is wonderful to my tastebuds. I'm usually not very tall. I have a job at the Hot Topic in the Golden Triangle Mall. (i used to be proud of it.) You will earn my respect if you're sick of Alecia Keys and/or Fred Durst. I'm picky. I love taking pictures. I have a horrible addiction to MTV. I can play the piano "like a mofo." I wear man-pants. I think Beck and Bjork exist to help the world better understand the word "genius." I WILL be on the Real World/Road Rules. I use Ivory soap because it's the only soap that gives my skin that squeaky feel when i wash it off. There is a little frog named speckles that leads the way on the dashboard of my car. I'm watching MTV right now. My interest in music will never stop growing.

July 26, 2003
I was looking through this webpage and couldn't resist whipping out the password and the tippity typing to give it one more good edit to let those silly people who actually keep looking at it know what i'm up to!
Despite all rumours, i did NOT move to Washington State. I've joined a friendly group of life-friends that go by the name of Lovechildren and we all support each other and our Chosen to find our true destiny and place in the afterlife.
updates: i've grown sick of Red Mountain Dew. i'm glad i don't work at Hot Topic anymore. I'm also glad that stage didn't last long. i'm also glad that i won't be on Real World/Road Rules. i'm ALSO glad that Fred Durst isn't a popular fad anymore. my addiction to mtv has waned. i've achieved my new goal of having hair that closely matches my tortiseshell cat's. i'm shorter more often. my man-pants have been lost in a moving error, and will not be replaced. i've switched to Oil of Olay because that squeaky feeling soap was leaving my skin rather dry in this new climate. speckles unfortunately lost his residence on my escort's dashboard when i collided with yet another Taurus.
ok i actually moved to washington, no cult. i moved in with my parents. there's lots of reasons. i'll list keywords. school, lack of direction, food, routine, money, spirituality, Texas, Washington.
I won't be going to school this fall but i plan on returning. First I need to figure out why though. i WON'T come back to texas, not anytime soon at least, unless it's for free. i only miss it a little bit. Washington is a beautiful state and even though i've met few people, i feel more comfortable here. I'm cashiering at a Cost Plus World Market. sometimes i like it. I'm going to see Bjork on August 15th, 2003. i have yet to find a person to go with me but i believe i will. and if not... i'm going to see bjork. I'm also going to see radiohead on august 31. there's many many many many shows. let's all give a big hooray for seattle's music scene. or.. i will. hooray

"There are
t w o c o l o r s
in m y head
There are
t w o c o l o r s
in m y head"

What's on your mind, jonelle?

by the way... i pointed this out earlier, but i'll repeat... this section just looks prettier in Microsoft internet explorer. but ya know.. you're just reading, so it's not like you're missing out on important visuals. i'm just reminding you that i'm not an idiot and i didn't make it look as ugly as it appears on netscape on purpose. netscape just bites. that is all.
a boring touch?-this is as lovey-dovey as it gets folks. just in time for valentines day being a poet -a very short paragraph that i just couldn't bring myself to deleting when i couldn't think of anything to add.. it has power i tell you.
Down - a short story i wrote in washington Airport Security - i wrote this little script on the airplane.. i find it quite humorous. but of course i do, i wrote it.
Cowboy Sheriff - it's about the man Question Reality - you might want to see vanilla sky before you read this. it's not supposed to make too much sense
The Yellows that Changed My Life - a short story i wrote in 10th grade that i'm quite fond of. a life or death situation - a stream of consciousness paper i wrote in 12th grade

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here's something that used to be at the top... when it was more current.. posted march '02

Massive Huge Excitement!!!!!

As of about 5 minutes ago I purchased 3 tickets to The Coachella Music Festival!!! and i don't believe my excitement can be contained or controlled in a manner in which i will be able to sleep adequately for the next 2 months as my eyes are so ecstatic that they just jump wide open every moment that i think about it!! so from this point on in my life, sleep might just be out of the question because after the festival, i surely will permanently be in a tranquil state of bliss and zen that will constantly renew my vitality more than any slumber ever could. The festival is on April 27th and 28th in Indigo, CA and i will be flying there with two of my bestest peoples: my brother and my mishe. then i shall proceed to be bathed in the incredible voice of Bjork. and as if i wouldn't die happy simply at the sight and sound of this beauty, i will also be listening to Belle & Sebastian, the Strokes, Blonde Redhead, Foo fighters, Cake, Pete Yorn, Siouxsie & the Banshees, the Chemical Brothers, the Prodigy, the Folk Implosion, International Noise Conspiracy, and many many others in which i am quite confident of their rocking abilities. amazing. next step.. getting there.