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Ablanathanalba - A Gnostic charm triangle.

Abracadabra - An Ancient charm triangle reputed to possess great healing powers.

Absent Healing - A form of faith healing that involves the projection of positive healing energy into the ill by a healer that is not present at the time of the healing.

Adept - A male or female who has gained profound magickal powers and insights, usually through initiation.

Afterworld - A world of the dead, a concept that is shared by all human mythologies and religions. The Afterworld can be percieved anywhere from being a dark and gloomy place to a bright and happy one.

Air - One of the four ancient and alchemical elements.

All Hallow's Eve - Another name for the Pagan festival and Witches Sabbat of Samhain. Traditionally celebrated towards the end of October.

Almadel - Talisman fashioned in white wax, inxcribed witht he names of spirits or angels for use in various rituals.

Alraun - In European Folk magick, a small good-luck image shaped from the root of a mandrake root or bryony. According to tradition, it had to be dressed and made daily offerings of food and wine, and if treated ill'ly, it had the power to bring bad luck to the house hold.

Altar - Any raised structure on which magickal tools are kept, rituals are held and offerings are given.

Amulet - A consecrated object that is used as a charm.

Anathema - A Sorcerer's curse or an offering to a Pagan Deity

Angakok - A central Eskimo Shaman/Medicine man or Magician.

Angelica - A mystical plant that is associated with early Nordic Magick. In many parts of the world it was believed to guard against evil and its leaves were hung around childrens necks to protect them against the spells and enchantments of sorcerers.

Anjara - In Hispanic folklore, a supernatural witch who appears in the guise of an elderly woman to test out the charity of mortals.

Animism - The belief that everything in nature, animate and inanimate, possesses an innate soul in addition to a body.

Ankh - An ancient Egyptian symbol resembling a cross with a loop at the top. It sybmolizes life and cosmic knowledge, and every major god and goddess of Egyptian mythology is depicted in works of art carrying it. It is also known as the crux ansata.

An-Shet - Another name for a Witches wand.

Apparition - The appearance of a person's phantom, living or dead, seen in a dream, trance or in the waking state as the reslut of astral projection or clairvoyance.

Aquarius - In astrology it is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by the Water Bearer. Aquarius is an air sign and is ruled by the planet, Uranus. Aquarius's polarity is Leo, and its quadruplicity is Fixed. Aquarius is believed to be most compatible with Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, and those with Moon in Aquarius. Shins, Ankles and the Circulatory system are said to be ruled by Aquarius.

Aries - In astrology it is the first sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by the Ram. Aries is a fire sign and is ruled by the planet, Mars. Aries polarity is Libra and it's quadruplicity is Cardinal. Aries is believed to be most compatible with Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and those with Moon in Aries. The Head is said to be ruled by Aries.

Astral Body - The double fo the physical human body, but made of a much finer substance with a shining and luminous appearance. It is sometimes said to be connected to the physical body by an etheric umbilical cord and is able to pass through solid obstructions and float about unhindered by gravity, space or time.

Astral Plane - The plane of existence and perception which parallels the dimension of the physical and is the plane that the astral body reaches during astral projection and death.

Astral Projection - An out-of-body experience achieved by any number of trance inducing methods or imagination techniques, the separation of the consciousness from the physical body resulting in an altered state of consciousness. Also known as astral travel.

Astral Twins - Two or more unrelated persons who share the exact same birthdate and are said to possess identical personality traits and sometimes even matching physical appearances. To be considered true astral twins, they most be born on the same month, day, year and hour.

Astrology - The ancient occult art, science, and practice of divination and prophecy by interpreting certain celestial patterns.

Athame - A black handled ritual dagger with a double-edged blade, used by many Witches to draw their magick circles and to both store and direct energy during magickal rituals. The Athame is a sacred tool and is never used for the drawing of blood, either human or animal. The athame is a symbol of the masculine aspect, and corresponds to the ancient element of Air.

Aura - A single or multi-colored light produced by heat energy and electromagnetic energy that emanates from the bodies of all living things. It is a psychic field of energy that surrounds both animate and inanimate bodies.

Aureole - A circle of mystical light, similar to an aura, which is said to surround the head or body of a mystic, saint or deity. More commonly known as a halo.

Autumn Equinox Sabbat - Also known as the Fall Sabbat, Alban Elfed, and the Second Festival of Harvest, this is one of the eight Sabbats celebrated yearly by many Witches.

Aziza - In Dahomean folk belief, these are elflike spirits of the forest, also known as the "little people," who give people the power of magick and knowledge of the worship of the gods.

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