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Sapphire's Special Page

As Promised! For those of you who are sick and twisted enough to actually want to know a little more about me, lol.

My birth name is indeed 'Not' Sapphire. I was named Christina Ann by both of my parents. Sapphire A. Skye is however, my magickal name and is as much 'real' to me as Christina Ann. I get asked a lot how I found my magickal name. Well, I chose the name Sapphire after my birthstone when I was about 13, and well... as un-original as that may sound, it stuck pretty well. If you really want to know what A. stands for in my magickal name, feel free to ask because I'm not going to tell on here, same with Skye, lol.

I am from Upstate Ny *Rochester to be Exact* and my birthdate is September 29th 1980 *In case any of you would like to send me webgifts, lol* I'm told that I'm a very sweet person to know in rl, but even if I wasn't, do you think I would really admit to being a meany? Here is the link to my online PHOTO ALBUM *drum roll please* I know how so many of you have been dying to see what the Sap looks like *grin*. Please be kind, these pics are not exactly all recent, as you go further back in my photo album, the time period also goes 'further' back. Also note that in my photo album I mention all of my email address's and icq number, I no longer use ANY of those email accounts except ', and occasionally', all of the other accounts are no longer owned by me, my aol account is no longer in use, and if it is logged on it is probably not me, just a friend or family member *most likely my ol' man*, I also am currently not using Icq. Okay... enough with the babbling! I present to you my PHOTO ALBUM!!!. Be shocked and amazed as you whiz through amazing shots of the infamous Sap! Okay, not that shocked and amazed ;)

I have a younger brother whom we call Hoth, but his real name is William. I love him to death!, my favorite animals are Toads, but my beautiful baby 'Chandala Eugaline' *my igguana* will always come first in my heart!
FYI!!!: 2/19/00 - I just got myself a Bichon Frise puppy :)! His name is Meeko and he's adjusting wonderfully to life with the Sap!

Tada! And that will be the end of my continous babbling! Now aren't all of you out there who asked me to write a lil' about myself really really really wishing you never asked? Ha!
Love as Always,
Sapphire A. Skye

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