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Vanilla Comfort Spell

Hold a vanilla scented candle in both hands
until the wax feels warm to the touch.
Then chant 3 times...

"Vanilla, chase this mess away,
keep it far from me today."

Light the candle and let it burn
until anxiety disappears.


A Healing Spell

To help hurry along a person's recovery from an illness, etch their name into a single white candle, you may also add sigels or other symbols you may feel appropriate in aiding you with this task. While anointing the candle with lavender oil , visualize healing energy in the form of white light flowing from your fingers into the candle. Recite:

"In the divine name of the Gods
who breathes life into us all
I consecrate and charge this candle
as a magickal tool for healing."

Light the wick to the charged candle and then place a photograph (or any other object that can represent that person *photograph highly recomended*) in front of the candle, where the light can fall onto the object. As the candle burns down, concentrate on the person, willing them to be healthy, and chant this incantation:

"Magick mend and candle burn,
sickness end; good health return."

Items you may wish to incorporate into this spell or use as decorations for your altar:

Scents(Incense/Oils) or the Plant itself; Marigold*health*, Heliotrope*Success*, Thyme & Daisies*Swiftness*, Pepper*Energy*, Lavender*Healing*, WaterLily*Harmony*, Hemlock*Protection*

Stones/Jems; Carnelian*health*, Citrine*Success*, Garnet*Swiftness*, PinkTourmaline*Energy*, Bloodstone*Healing*, Jade*Harmony*, SmokeyQuartz*Protection*

Sapphire's Gris Gris Bag

For a gris gris bag, make a small bag out of cotton (or satin/silk), make the bag out of a color that you feel best suits what it is you would like to achieve. An alternative to making your own bag is to go out and buy a pre-made pouch, however that is not my first recomendation. Fill your gris gris bag with herbs and or trinkets that you feel fit, and when you are contempt with it's contents tie it off tightly with a white string or ribbon, and if you would like, attach a small charm or talisman to the tie. Carry it with you for as long as you feel you need it's strength, and when you feel the need to do so, hold it in your hand and chant several times:

Little bag of
Special Charms
Work Your Magick
Without Harm

Fabric Colors: Red*Energy*, Orange*Justice*, Gold*Happiness*, Yellow*Intelligence*, Pink*Healing of Emotions*, Green*Physical Healing*, Blue*Calm*, Purple*Self Assurance*, Silver*Communication*, Black*Protection*, White*Peace*
(There are many different interpretations of colors and their meanings, these are only my interpretations)

Herbs/Plants: Marigold*Health*, Heliotrope*Success*, Buttercup*Ambition*, WhiteRose*Rebirth*, Pine*Courage*, Thyme*Swiftness*, Daisies*Swiftness*, Pepper*Energy*, Fern*Wisdom*, Lavender*Healing*, Apple*Healing*, Carnation*Healing*, Hazel*Communication*, Cherry*Intellegence*, Iris*Wisdom*, Periwinkle*Memory*, Ivy*Friendships*, Birch*Beauty*, Heather*Beauty*, WaterLily*Harmony*, Holly*Balance*, Hemlock*Protection*, Basil*Protection*, Sage*Protection*, Wolfsbane*Neutralization*, Cedar*Purification*, Rosemary*GoodSleep*
(Once again, These are only my interpretations)

Gems/Stones: Carnelian*Health*, Citrine*Success*, Amber*Ambition*, Geodes*Rebirth*, Ruby*Courage*, Garnet*Swiftness*, PinkTourmaline*Beauty*, Aventurine*Wisdom*, Bloodstone*Healing*, GreenJaspers*Healing*, Hematite*Communication*, Turquoise*Communication*, MossAgate*Intellegence*, Sodalite*Memory*, Moonstone*Friendships*, Jade*Harmony*, SmokeyQuartz*Protection*, Obsidian*Protection*, Amethyst*Neutralization*, BandedAgates*Heals Emotional Pain*, IndianAgates*Survival*, RedJaspers*NightProtection*, Rhodochrosite*Energy*, Sunstone*Energy*, TigerEye*Luck*
(Only my interpretations)

Sapphire's Dispelling Negativity Spell

Fill a small bowl or cauldron up about halfways with salt. Table salt works just fine. Place a black candle that has been annointed with Olive Oil *you may inscribe sigels or symbols on the side of the candle if you find it appropriate to do so* in the center of the bowl or cauldron so that it is standing upright within the salt *the salt should hold the candle upwards on its own*. Light the black candle and visualize it as being all the negative energy that has been surrounding you, imagine the candle as being all the negativity that you have been sensing that you would like to disperse. As the candle melts away, the salt will absorb the black wax, as it does so, imagine that negativity being abosorbed into the earth(salt) and being neutralized right there before you. Allow the candle to burn itself out, once it has done so *and has cooled off* you should be able to pull out the lump of salt that has collected all of that negativity, take it outdoors and bury it so that it may remain neutralized.

Sapphire's Blessings for a Friend

Take a pink *preferably pink* or white candle. On the side inscribe the name of the friend you are sending these blessings out too. For this spell you may wish to be accompanied by a photograph of the person, this is extremely helpful for those who have difficulty with visualizing. Light the candle, close your eyes and relax, take deep breaths if you need to. Visualize your friend and visualize positive changes in his or her life. (Because this spell was written originally for a women, that is how the chant will be shown as, you can make the changes.) Next chant:

"Give her Loving Peace.
Protect her from All Harm.
My Intentions are Pure and Well.
As I Work this Magick Spell.
Air Bring Swift Smiles for My Friend.
Fire Help Cleanse the Tears she's Shed.
Water Bless Brightly!
Earth Heal Gently!
Spirit Grant her Protection and Peace.
May her Sorrows Deslove.
Her Problems Resolve.
With Harm to None, and None Harmed by Me.
This is My Will, so Mote it Be!"

Do not rush through this in one breath, take your time. Repeat it if you feel the need to, and continue doing so until you are content with what you have done. Continue visualizing positive light around your friend, then close your eyes once again and relax, rest, just do not fall asleep. If the candle has much more to burn you now have an option. You may wait until it has burnt out, snuff it out and bury it or allow it to burn away 5 or 10 minutes every night until the candle is gone.

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