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A First Degree Initiate is considered a full member of the coven, and may attend all rituals except Second and Third Degree elevations. The Initiate may serve as Maiden or Summoner, should these offices be available. Ordinarily, a First Degree Initiate would participate in the Provider Cycle but would not take a principal role. A First Degree Initiate does not serve as a Mentor, but may, at the request of the HP/S, contribute to a pre-dedicant or Dedicant’s training.

The period from First to Second Degree is designed to facilitate the Initiate’s development as a fully participating member of the coven and of the community. Initiates represent Synergy in the larger Alexandrian community and will learn the skills and responsibilities to do this well. Elevation to the Second Degree is traditionally a surprise, given when the HP/S decide that the Initiate is ready. Second Degree elevation concludes formal training unless the Initiate decides to train for coven or larger community leadership. Initiates may be asked to pay nominal dues to increase or maintain the coven treasury, or may contribute in kind through providing cakes, wine, flowers, candles, or other supplies as needed by the coven. They may also continue to participate in or supervise activities assigned to Dedicants.

The Mentor will take a lower-profile role during this period, but should be actively in contact with the Initiate. In particular, the Mentor in collaboration with the HP/S would address any issues related to personal development of the Initiate.


To develop skills in coven management, ritual leadership (magickal and mundane), to meet the wider Alexandrian community, to develop skills in teaching, and to further magickal/spiritual/personal development. To deepen the commitment to the service of the Old Gods as a priest or priestess.


Be drawn down on in each direction; drawn down each direction on mentor. Record experience, thoughts and subsequent dreams in BOS.

Become competent in moving and directing energy; continue practice in martial arts or energy work until energy skills are developed to the Mentor’s satisfaction

Take an Officer role in all (or nearly all) rituals during the year

Memorize the Charge and deliver from memory at least once when drawn down upon

Participate in the Provider Cycle; keep a journal of experiences, thoughts, and dreams during the cycle and discuss with mentor. Be able to discuss the meaning and purpose of each PC ritual.

Develop and explain your Birth Chart. Know what your sun and moon signs are, and what your Chart suggests about your personality, challenges and strengths. Computer assistance is allowed, provided you can account for the weaknesses in any computer program.

Practice Tarot until you can do a basic spread without relying only on the interpretation offered in books (although a thoughtful integration of printed interpretations is acceptable); be able to divine both global and specific questions, and demonstrate a level of sophistication in interpretation. Experiment with several different kinds of spreads and know when to use each. Know the history of your method and any variations on its development or use.

Be able to draw the Tree of Life from memory, including all god names, sphere names, and attributes as given in our tradition.

Join the SEF during the period of training from First to Second Degree and participate

Attend two meetings of the SEF, including at least one weekend retreat. Take responsibility for actively participating in the mundane work involved in retreats, such as cooking, cleaning, planning, etc. Synergy Initiates are expected to pull their weight in community events, practically and magickally.

Attend at least one ritual each with two of our related covens (Symbios, Spawn Far, Grove of the Mists, Chthonioi, NFND) Discuss experience with mentor.

Participate in at least one First Degree initiation in our coven or one of our related covens.

Be able to lead the approach to the Astral Temple and discuss the changing and unchanging aspects of the Temple.

Participate in leading at least one public Open ritual with SEF elders, including serving as an Officer

Attend the Lammas Games at least once

Take a leadership role in planning and organizing the Yule Vigil

Lead one project for coven development (i.e., series of elemental visualizations, astral temple work, coordinate Shining Paths study group). This should be an extended project, not a one-time workshop. This activity should lead to an area of expertise, for which the Initiate can become a coven resource.

Choose a ritual from the archives of our tradition, plan, and lead.

Write a ritual in the style of our tradition, organize and lead.

Assist in planning and carrying out at least one SEF public activity that is not a ritual, such as the Lammas Games or fund raising events. Demonstrate ability to follow through with commitments from planning to cleanup without undue supervision by Elders.


Amber K.

  • Covencraft


  • New Book of the Dead

    Judy Harrow

  • Wicca Covens


  • J. L. Gerald Gardner: Witch

    Dion Fortune

  • Psychic Self-Defense
  • Through the Gates of Death
  • Training and Work of an Initiate
  • Esoteric Orders and Their Work
  • Ritual Magic
  • Magical Qabala

    Gerald Gardner

  • High Magic’s Aid.
  • Witchcraft Today


  • Theogony

    Ronald Hutton

  • Triumph of the Moon

    Johns, June

  • King of the Witches: The World of Alex Sanders

    Reed, Ellen Cannon

  • The Witches’ Qabala.


  • Pagan Book of Living and Dying

    Symonds, John

  • The Great Beast: The Life and Magick of Aleister Crowley

    Arachne & Canopis

  • “On Tradition”
  • “Clan of the Otter”

    Selections from “Modern Magick”

    Readings as agreed upon with HP/S on divination, Kabbalah, mythology, Craft skills


    “Rites of Passage”; “Kabbalah II”; “The Provider Cycle”, “The Great Rite”, “Carrying Godforces”, “The Astral Temple” , “Coven Roles”; “Secrets and Mysteries: Oathbound Secrets, Part II”

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