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The Second Degree confers Elder status, allows the Initiate to attend all coven rituals except Third Degree elevations, and is the appropriate terminal degree for a covener who does not wish to take on major leadership responsibilities within the larger community. Elders may act as mentors and Officers within the coven, may serve as Maiden or Summoner, and may function as HP/S if the usual HP/S are not available or as requested. Elders may take a role in training and evaluating new coveners. After elevation to the Second Degree, the Initiate may begin discussions with the HP/S about whether to train for the Third Degree.

Traditionally, a second-degree Initiate may initiate others in our lineage. However, we discourage this practice in the absence of the intent to provide leadership and training to new Initiates (typically demonstrated through a commitment to Third Degree training.) A second degree Initiate may, with the permission of the HP/S, initiate a working partner to the second degree as appropriate.

Goals of the Third Degree candidacy:

To establish relationships with the larger Alexandrian and pagan community, with the intent of becoming an active participant and/or leader. To develop skills necessary to form a teaching group or coven. To learn to develop and teach classes to the public, Dedicants, and Initiates of our tradition. To learn the meaning and techniques involved in initiations/elevations. To make a deep and lasting commitment to the worship and service of the Old Gods and Their people.

Duties & Assignments of Third Degree candidates:

Third Degree candidates will actively assist the HP/S in planning the year's course of study for Dedicants and Initiates in the coven, and will teach a selection of classes. They will teach, at a minimum, beginning and intermediate classes on Kabbalah, Coven History, Structure of the Esbat, Gods by Whom We Swear, Carrying Godforms, Great Rite, and LBR. Candidates may be assisted by, and will be observed by, the HP/S. Candidates will be assessed as to their mastery of the material and their skills at teaching. Candidates are expected to have more than a basic level of mastery in each area taught; i.e., the candidate would not simply repeat class notes from their own training.

Volunteer to take a significant role in planning and facilitating two SEF retreats, or equivalent. At least one role should involve planning and leading a ritual for the group at the retreat. Third degree candidates are expected to assume responsibility and leadership for the "mundane" tasks at the retreats, from set-up to clean-up, along with other Elders in the community.

Become familiar with the contents of the coven archives. Select at least one ritual from our tradition, plan, invite Alexandrian Initiates from other covens, and lead. Demonstrate an understanding of the responsibility of passing on traditional material as well as designing appropriate variants. Write and lead a Sabbat ritual based on the BoS and other traditional materials.

Write a major ritual for the coven. This may be a celebration of a patron or coven deity, a rite of passage, a substitute for one of our traditional Sabbats, or a ritual pathworking.

Candidates will actively mentor Dedicants and Initiates in the coven, and will assist with screening potential new members.

Help lead three public rituals with SEF (or other) elders.

Take major roles in first and second degree initiations within our community.

With the guidance of the HP/S, develop and carry out a project which integrates your training in a form that benefits the wider community. Develop a written proposal, present to HP/S and have approved before beginning. This should develop proficiency that is both relevant to the Candidate and represents a significant resource to the community.


  • Write a set of rituals that can be used at public opens, including Sabbats and/or rites of passage; make sets available on a password-protected web-site.
  • Study the evolution of various rituals from the BoS and Lucifer through our coven and our sister covens; write up your findings and present to the community.
  • Ask the SEF board what major project the community needs to have done and facilitate, with the help of others as needed.
  • Write up a syllabus and class notes/handouts for an 8-week Wicca 101 for the public.
  • Contribute an article on any appropriate subject to a pagan publication, such as the SEF Messenger, Horns & Crescent, or a publication with wider circulation.
  • Assist in teaching Dedicant, First and Second Degree classes.

Required Readings:

Third degree candidates should read widely in order to develop classes, continue their own specialization, and participate in wider projects. Readings, such as the non-fiction of Dion Fortune and Alice Bailey, should build on previous work and represent advanced study. During this period, the candidate should review materials in the coven archives. Materials may be Xeroxed from the archives at this time, and the BOS we received from Summanus may be copied.

Classes for Third Degree Candidates:

In addition to teaching, candidates will participate in advanced classes as offered by the larger pagan and/or new age community, as interests suggest. The Initiate should meet with the HP/S to learn processes related to initiation/elevation and should demonstrate understanding of the magickal and mundane processes, as well as the responsibilities involved.

When all requirements are complete, and upon the approval of the HP/S, the Third Degree Candidate will write and lead his or her Third Degree elevation ritual, including required elements from our tradition.