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tutustu Socratesin oreihin. - in memoriam

breeding stallions - siitosorit

REDROCK HEADHUNTER                                            the smallest.

"Do you think that he is gorgeous? Haha. And he is more than a gorgeous guy."

- Junior of VGF 2004 winter III
- King of VGF 2005 summer II

astutusmaksu 640vÄ - keinosiemennys 467vÄ - varsamaksu 900vÄ

.the gorgeous                                            CAPRICIOUS VFU

"You like his color? Well, you're not the only one."

astutusmaksu 500vÄ - keinosiemennys 423vÄ - varsamaksu 800vÄ

SB CRUSADOR                                                               the legend.

"This one is a legend already. Great stallion."

- 3 in 3 spring 2005 1st (0,36)
- Agave Plate spring 2005 1st (0,33)

astutusmaksu 890vÄ - keinosiemennys 640vÄ - varsamaksu 1 100vÄ

.the sweetest                                                    JACKYARD VFU

"I think that you like him? Do ya? He likes you too."

- Junior of VGF 2005 summer 3rd
- Summer Race Prince 2005 4th

astutusmaksu 620vÄ - keinosiemennys 220vÄ - varsamaksu 500vÄ

SASNAK EXETER                                                            the jesting.

"I use the word ; humour men. He is kidding all the time."

- Spring Race Prince 2005 2nd
- Race Royals Summer 2005 Kunniamaininta

astutusmaksu 500vÄ - keinosiemennys 430vÄ - varsamaksu 810vÄ

.the big one                                                      YES YES VOL

"Is this what you called a little macho man?"

astutusmaksu 400vÄ - keinosiemennys 150vÄ - varsamaksu 300vÄ

racehorses - kilpailevat oriit

non charon tech

non-of brief x nanok von noord

silešt laukat, miler (1609m - 1800m)

noose tech

redrock headhunter x emendei linue

silešt laukat, sprinter (1000m - 1400m)

bdf treyan

gvr double falcon x ws triangle

silešt laukat, miler (1609m - 1800m)

hymn illigit tech

redrock headhunter x agave's ilia

silešt laukat, sprinter/miler (1400m - 1900m)

anton de tamriel

izoard de tannet x cyrelia de mouch

silešt laukat, sprinter (1000m - 1400m)

novastine tech

sb crusador x agave's ilia

silešt laukat, miler (1609m - 1900m)