The Great Outdoors Recreation Pages offer vacation packages to "not ordinary" locations.  They also had a SWEEPSTAKES to win a free trip to Amazonia Expeditions' TAHUAYO LODGE in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle.  The winner was my darling wife.  She received the e-mail telling her she had won, printed it out, gave it to me and said "What's the catch?"  I looked it over and could not find one.  And after the fact I have to say that there was absolutely no catch -- the trip was completely paid for except for the exit tax at Iquitos and Lima airports ($4 local, $25 international).  These people delivered exactly and completely what they promised.

"When should we go?"
"I can take off any time.  How about over the Millenium?  Other than that I have no preference."
"That won't be open."  But it never hurts to try, so Wendy calls GORP and asks for the Millenium.  The lady at GORP laughs and says that won't be open, but I'll check.   But it was open.  We left LAX 12:01 am on December 28th for our 7 day adventure to the Amazon Basin.

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