These items are NOT for sale, I cannot respond to any offers to purchase these items. The best online source of these items is the newsgroup:


Here is a list of all of the G1 toys which I have, this is the heart of my toy collection. The true core of my collection are the gestalt figures, all other figures were collected after I already had all of the gestalt teams (or at least the ones which had interchangeable members, 8^) ).

The listing was too large to fit on one page, so again, I had to subdivide it into groups to make it easier to browse. Each of the sections holds a lot of interesting toys, especially the Gestalts and Fakes sections, 8^).

The G1 listing also includes a list of the decoys I have, as well as a 'wanted' list for those with items to sell!

Please feel free to browse this list, it took a while to accumulate these toys, but I'm very proud to have them all!

These toys are not for sale

For a list of Toys I need please see the end of list

I am always on the lookout for foreign toys and knockoffs

List Sections

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