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Fantasy #50: 'ER LC' - You groggily regain consciousness after injuring yourself with a can of cat food, then having a bad reaction to the painkiller the hospital first gave you. Realizing that someone is holding your hand, you look up to find the ER empty except for Nunkies dressed in scrubs (num!) at your side! Seeing that you are alright, he turns his attention to the booboo on your hand. The place where you cut your thumbpad with the sharp can lid looks very tempting, and Nunkies can't resist giving you a nibble. Gradually he begins to work his way up your arm. You start to feel much better. It's too bad you aren't wearing one of those flimsy hospital gowns that are always - oops! - falling open. Nunkies starts to tease your ear while his hands are occupied somewhat lower. Then you shut off the pesky heart monitor that you're attached to - those racing beat sounds were getting irritating, and you certainly don't want anyone running in to rescue you when Nunkies moves on to your neck...

Fantasy #51: 'He Must Be a Nunklear Physicist' - Intrigued by the phenomenon of nunklear meltdowns, Lacroix picks you to be his test subject. You start with the easy stuff - smell. You don't melt. Lacroix tells you that you smell delicious. Uh-oh....he's on to test two - sound. Namely the silky smooth sound of his voice in your ears. He tries innocuous words initially: 'tadpole', 'couscous', 'dictionary' and receives only minor fluctuations. He attempts more intimate words, like 'lingerie', 'persuasion', and 'rich Corinthian leather'. You are shaken, but stable. Then Nunkies pulls out the big guns (NO! NOT THAT!) and begins speaking in French. Temperatures begin to rise to unstable levels. Then Lacroix tries sight. He gives you one of those 'come hither' looks, which you do, leaving behind a little trail of drool. It's time for the touch tests: Lacroix caresses the smooth skin of your throat, runs his hands along your shoulders and down your back. He leans in for a kiss, only to find that you've officially had a nunklear meltdown!! Oh no! But Nunkies is a good scientist, and he still has to sample the sense of taste...

Fantasy #52: 'Vampire Baboushka' - After a dozen shots of blood- vodka, Nunkies really starts to come out of his shell (And with your assistance, out of his clothes). Lacroix offers to show you why his nickname among the Russian vampires is 'Siberian Husky'. (Fuzzy hat optional)

Fantasy #53: 'Dogs Are For Breakfast' - You decide Nunkies needs a tad of obedience training. You hear that thumping with newspaper fosters aggressive behavior instead of tempering it. Despite the warnings, you can't resist spanking Lacroix on the tush with a rolled-up issue of 'The Noctambulist'. Several hickeys and decimated items of clothing later, you agree: the response was aggressive in a mutually-consentual sort of way. You can't declare the results totally unsatisfying, though. Nunkies helpfully suggests you try rewards for good behavior, then demonstrates how awfully good he can be...

Fantasy #54: It's Graduation Day, and it's time for you to get that degree you've worked for day-in and day-out for years! Only, when you try to join the alphabetical line for the Processional, the Dean himself explains that alternate arrangements have been made for you. You're on the verge of tears as a Junior Marshall escorts you across campus. Does this mean you don't get to graduate from college? Why? The Marshall leaves after you're shown into the Dean's private office. To your amazement, there stands Nunkies in cap and gown - and nothing else! In the following very special graduation ceremony, you get to hunt for your diploma that Nunkies has concealed somewhere on his person (where *could* he have tied that thing?). As a little Post-Bach education, you learn several new interesting uses for tassels and stoles.

Fantasy #55:'Addict in Repose' - Nunkies decides he must have another bust - yours. Better yet, your whole body - in sculpture. You happily agree to pose for Nunkies, and you bring an outfit to his studio from your toga collection that drapes you to perfection. Nunkies, however, is a Classical and Realist sculptor. He suggests that an 'au naturel' pose would be even more becoming than your delightful toga. You readily agree, especially since you feel so flushed - Nunkies' studio is really too warm for a toga anyway. Lacroix begins to mold a rough model out of clay, shaping the cool, wet and smooth surface in your image. Nunkies is not satisfied with the product, though - he is too much of a perfectionist. Ever so helpfully, you suggest that he shouldn't rely only on his eyes to capture your form. Perhaps he should try a 'hands-on' approach and really get a feel for your body...

Fantasy #56: 'The Pinata Fantasy' - You are quite proud of your pinata. It is a beautiful, colorful creation and you even cut out and glued each little feather separately. The art teacher is so impressed he gives you an immediately "A" and let's you take it home with you. After some errands, and a late supper, it is near midnight by the time you arrive at your house. All of the neighbors are asleep so you decide to have a little fun.

You hang the pinata from the front porch and blindfold yourself. You start swinging a plastic bat but miss the pinata time and time again. Your fun is quickly turning into frustration. Suddenly cool hands brush aside your hair and begin to message your neck. Startled, you jerk slightly.

"Shhhhhh, my dear," a smooth, deep, sensual voice says. "Allow me to be of assistance. My name is Lucien LaCroix...."

"Nunkies," you whisper.

"Yes, some have begun to refer to me in such a manner," he murmurs in your ear. "The little nickname is rather regal, don't you think?"

He pulls you close to him. Very close. You can feel the muscles of his firm, well-formed body. He reaches his arms around you, holding his strong hands over yours as you grip the plastic bat. He helps you swing and you feel the bat make contact with the pinata. As a shower of candies and confetti rain over you both, he unties your blindfold. He turns you around. Steel blue eyes gaze deeply into your own. His smile is surprisingly gentle. Before you realize what is happening, soft, tender lips meet yours....

Fantasy #57: 'Lucien Lacroix, CPR Instructor' - After getting out of work, you realize it's time for your First Aid class. This week you're learning CPR and have the chance to finally practice on the dummies. When you get to class your teacher introduces a special instructor for the class. It's Nunkies! You begin to think that this will be the best class ever. As the class begins, you are a little disappointed that all Nunkies does is talk, but at least you can gaze up on him and listen to that sexy voice of his.

You begin wondering if you'll ever get to use those dummies, when all of a sudden Nunkies has the teacher bring them out. Everyone gets their own but you. Apparently they ran out. You sit in your seat, disappointed, until you feel hands on your shoulders. You look up into the blue eyes of Nunkies. You suddenly realize that you had begun to drool and quickly look away and wipe your chin. As you do, you could have sworn you heard Nunkies chuckle.

Nunkies takes your hand and leads you to a quiet corner. Looking into your eyes he lies on the floor. "Since it seems you need to practice, you may practice on me," he says softly. Grinning you happily begin your rescue breathing and CPR techniques...

Fantasy #58: 'Finals Week Fantasy' - You walk into your room, throw your books down on your desk and stare at your calendar in disbelief: You still have 4 major projects, a music performance test, a lesson plan and a class presentation -- all due in the next 2 days! Between classes and your work-study job, you just don't know what you are going to do. And!!!! Finals start the day after next. And you have to be out of your dorm room in 5 days and you haven't takent anything home yet. Your poor brain begins to melt in overload. Pulling yourself together, because Nunkies would not be pleased with untoward displays of emotion, you hit the books.

While struggling over quadratic equations, you hear a 'whoosh' behind you. You startle just a bit as you feel cool hands on your shoulders. A soft, masculine voice whispers in you ear, "Soit tranquile, ma cherie." You instantly recognize the man behind you to be Nunkies and go all wobbly inside. He gives your shoulders a brief massage. "My, my. You *are* tense over your schooling, are you not, my dear?"

You turn around to face him. All the pent up stress and emotions release as you begin to blubber your troubles to the General. He stands over you, hands behind back, listening with proper sympathy to your woes. When you are finished, he hands you his handkerchief so that you may dry your eyes. He opens his arms, into which you run.

He leads you to your bed, as there is no other place the both of you can sit in your meager dorm room. "Perhaps," he says, "there is something I can do to help relieve your stress." He beckons you to put your feet in his lap. He gently removes your shoes and socks and begins to massage your feet, hitting all the pressure points. You try to stay coherent, but alas, you drift off while he is whispering sweet nothings to you.

An hour later, after you've awakened from your nap, incredibly refreshed and ready to go, you discover messages on your answering machine. Each message has been left by a different, odd sounding professor, informing you that, after tallying your grade, your average is so high, that you do not need to complete your projects, or take your final.

Fantasy #59: You just received word its your turn on rotation for an extended stay aboard the space station Mir. You've heard rumors that the Russians have replaced their crew with a single cosmonaut. Anxiously you practice your Russian, not wanting to embarass yourself or your country. You are a little worried about a 6 month stay alone with only one other person, but you decide that since you signed up for this program, you must follow through on your commitment. On board the space shuttle you are given a last minute briefing on procedure and a pep talk by your fellow crew members. Finally the time arrives for docking and you get your first look at the person who will be your roommate for the next 6 months. You can't tell much about him through the space suit he is wearing, but he greets you politely in Russian and welcomes you aboard the space station.

Due to a minor fuel leak and time restrictions, the shuttle must seperate and leave earlier than planned. You find yourself all alone with the Russian astronaut. Once inside the living quarters you begin removing the bulky space suit and stowing away your gear. Sensing someone nearby, you turn around and find yourself looking up into a pair of blue eyes that take your breath away. Nunkies is floating weightless above you, smiling.

Gently he pulls you into his arms and says, "I haven't welcomed you properly yet. We must get to know each other VERY well, after all we will be sharing living quarters for the next 6 months." Smiling you tell him that you are willing to do whatever is necessary to further peace between your two countries.

Fantasy #60: You're driving home still laughing about the IRC chat and not really paying much attention to what's going on around you. All of a sudden you notice the red and blue lights behind you.

You pull over and the cop pulls in behind you. 'Brother, now what have I done?' you wonder as you start digging through your purse looking for your driver's license. In a slight panic, you dump everything out of your purse. 'Arg, where is it?'

You hear a light tap on your window. "Yes, officer?" you ask, rolling down your window. 'Yum, nice lips,' you think.

"Could you step out of the car please?" He says very authoritatively.

"'Kay. What have I done? I'm sure I didn't mean to do anything. I'm a very good driver, hardly ever get tickets or anything. Well, except for that one time...."

Cutting you off mid-sentence, he says "Ma'am, did you realize your tags are expired?"

"Oh, that, okay. Yeah, I guess I did. I got them in the mail the other day and I just haven't had time to put them on. Well, I keep forgetting to put them on. I have them sitting on the kitchen table to take outside, but I keep ... "

During your little diatribe, he pulls his glasses off. It's Nunkies!

"Um, um, um..." you stutter as you start drooling, "I did it, I'm guilty, I did it. Yep, guilty as sin. Yep, yep you're just going to have to arrest me. I mean, you will have to do a strip search if you arrest me won't you?"

Fantasy #61: You get the munchies in the middle of the night, and head down to the kitchen for a snack. Deciding on a BLT (or TLT - Tofu, Lettuce, and Tomato - for the vegetarian addicts), you start to pull all the necessary ingredients out of your fridge. Opening the breadbox, you begin to curse in disappointment when you see it contains nothing but a moldy slice of pumpernickel. How can you satisfy your night craving now?!?

"Looking for something?"

Your toes curl against the bare linoleum at the sound of *That Voice* whispering seductively in your ear. You turn, smiling with delight, and exclaim, "Lucien!"

He chuckles softly as he slides his hand through your hair and to the nape of your neck, massaging gently. "You looked so forlorn a moment ago - why?"

You sigh partly from the grumbling in your stomach, but mostly from the brush of his breath on your cheek. "Oh, I was just hungry for a sandwich, but I'm out of bread."

A wicked grin spreads over Nunkies features as he eyes you hungrily. "My dear, don't you realize that there's more than one way to enjoy your food?"

You begin to feel dizzy, and your knees buckle as he slides one of the straps of your diaphanous nightie (It was from the FK See-Through Sleepwear Collection [tm]) off your shoulder. You lean against him for support, your back pressed against the solidness of his chest.

"Food is more than flavors and smells. It holds other sensations, like texture, for example," he says, lifting a slice of lettuce from where you left it to drain on a paper towel after rinsing.

Your eyes widen. What is he going to do with that? Soon enough, you find out. You draw in a quick breath as trails the leaf just below your collarbone. They don't call it *iceburg* lettuce for nothing, you think. You hadn't realized how hot your skin was until the cold beads of water clinging to the roughage made contact. It caused a thermal explosion along your flesh as the heat exchange between the two reached equilibrium. Then Nunkies slid the leaf along the inside of your bare arm, and you are amazed. You never imagined that something as innocuous as rabbit food could feel so soft and sensual. He follows the path of the greenery with his lips until he reaches your fingertips. He tosses the lettuce aside and reaches for a new ingredient in your culinary education.

Now that you're as limp as the leaf on the counter, you watch in fascination as Lacroix picks up a spreading knife and the jar of Mayonnaise (Miracle Whip optional). As he unscrews the metal lid with a gleam in his baby-blue eyes, you feel as though you are drooling and dry-mouthed in the same instant. Oh my. Oh my, my, my, my, my...

While you delight in the joys of condiments, a greedy thought enters your head. Ooooh...I REALLY hope he chooses to work on the tomatoes next...

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