The Unofficial Ebonics Homepage

If you don't know what Ebonics is or you want to know more about it follow this link . It has information about everything you never wanted to know about Ebonics...

"Ebonified" Quotations and Works of Literature

These great works of literature have been ebonified so that black people can more easily understand them without having to learn English:

Other Languages

  • Jewish English: Hebonics
  • Italian Enlish: Italics
  • Irish English: Ironics (or Leprechaunics)
  • Red Neck English: Redonics
  • Gay English: Homophonicths
  • Scottish English: Kiltonics
  • Oakland School Board English: Moronics

  • Ebo-lympics

    Next year the first annual Ebo-lympics will be held in Oakland, California. For a closer look at the events check this out.

    Ebonics Dictionary

    Here are a few terms that I picked up during one one of my frequent visits to the hood.  I hope that your Ebonics vocabulary and understanding will be greatly enriched.

    Ebonified Nursery Rhymes

    The name says it all.

    Ebonics Aptitude Test (E.A.T.)

    Find out how much you really know about Ebonics after you take this test.

    Ebonics 101

    This is a list of phrase translations that might help you while visiting a Ebonics speaking community.

    Ebonics Algebra Test

    My good friend Leroy who lives in Oakland just sent me one of his Algebra tests. Take a look.

    Ebonics Homework

    Leroy sent me a copy of one of his easier homework assignments. Click here to check it out.

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