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Here are some cool Megavolt-related pages!

Just Megavolt Links

"Megavolt Devotion Page" : A marvelous site run by two dedicated fans of his Most Coolness

"The Smell of Voltage on the Internet" : A profile on Zebeckras' "Darkwing Duck" site

"Champion of Insanity" : A profile on Angela's site, "The St. Canard Asylum"

"Megavolt" : A brief profile at Mystie and Lavendar's "Darkwing Duck Dating Service" site

"Megavolt" : The human Sparky's profile for Megs

"Profile: Megavolt" : The human Sparky's further ideas on Megavolt's personal history

"Megavolt/Elmo Sputterspark" : A nice profile from Zippy's site

"Megavolt Mail" : All true fans have to go to this page by Megaspark

"Megavolt" : An interesting profile at Robin's "Toon Obsession" site

"Megavolt" : The "Darkwing Duck Diary"'s stats on Megavolt

"Doctor Ohm" : (*gasp*) An awesome site that you must go to!

Megavolt : A page at the infamous "Animated Lust (Rated PG)" site

"Megavolt Madness" : A great "Darkwing Duck" computer game at the official Toon Disney site

"Adopt-A-Bulb" : Give Megavolt's little friends a home. An offshoot of Lady J's site

"The Lighthouse" : QJ hangs out here with Megavolt

"Loose Wires" : NegaCrissy's site is intensely Megs-oriented

"Megavolt" : A profile at Lucky_Ladybug's DW site

"Fried" : A Megavolt-intense site created by Wakka

Links For Megavolt's Associates

"The Fearsome Five's Evil Web Empire" : The human Sparky's awesome site
"Fearsome Five Headquarters" : Mersades' decidedly grim site

"Quackerjack's Funhouse" : Quinzel's site for her and QJ

"The Greenhouse" : Lily's site for her and Reggie. What can I say? A beautiful, beautiful place

"A Liquidator Brand Website" : Finally, an honest-to-goodness site for Licky

"The Negaduck Anti-Shrine" : Since I know you Negaduck fans must have your fix....B)<

"High Voltage Studios" : Zippy, Electra, and Doctor Aurora Boreales' place of abode

"" : Get hip to the Alternaverse and Tegwen's Bridge

"Remembering Alice" : This is Mainecoon's site for Alice Marten, a good friend of Megavolt's

"Megavolt and Ja Tarra" : Ja Tarra is one of Megavolt's ladies ^_~

Other Cool Sites

"ImageNation" : Ang D.'s realm of shtuff. Watch for DW

"The Center for Volatile Creative Types" : One of the coolest places on the Net. You *must* go here

"The Duck Blind" : Home to the fabulous DFG and much else that is cool

"The Darkwing Duck Diary" : A longstanding and most excellent site for the dark duck

"The Darkwing Duck Page" : I can't begin to list what this site has to recommend it....

"The Zebeckras Zone" : The site of a veteran DW fan, with all kinds of goodies. Long live Zebeckras!

"Darkwing-itlan" : A pain to navigate (d'you hear me, LL?!) but more than worth it. GINGKO BILOBA!!

"The Swamp" : A site with some delightfully different and innovative stuff

"Licence to Steel" : The single most important site for Steelbeak online

"Mr. Darkwing Project" : Despite the name, this site definitely has Megavolt's blessings

"Disney's Darkwing Duck Comic Adventures" : What it says! Go, read, contribute

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