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The Unofficial Chad Allen Page

This page is dedicated to the actor Chad Allen. It includes:

Latest updates (January 10):

  • Added yet more pictures, including some from Star Trek TNG and St. Elsewhere.
  • Attempt at adding streaming RealAudio
  • Various odds and ends fixed

This site is purely a fan effort. I've done my best to put together as much reliable information as I could, and be accurate and complete. I couldn't have done this if it weren't for all the people who've helped me out with information and advice. Of course, only the present author is responsible for any errors.

Like all web pages, this is a work in progress. Don't be mad when something is wrong or missing - just contact me with your comments, and help me make this site better.

None of this is in any way, shape, or form authorized by Chad Allen or his management.

There is only information from publicly accessible sources here. Things you won't find include Chad's home address, phone number, or whatever other private information. And you won't get them by emailing me either. If you want to write Chad a letter or send him email, the addresses are on the links page.

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