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7.23.99 - Charisma Carpenter's birthday
7.27.99 - The Zeppo (rerun)
8.03.99 - Cruel Intentions on video
8.17.99 - Simply Irresistible on video
8.31.99 - Idle Hands on video
9.14.99 - Earshot airs
9.28.99 - Season 4 begins


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In the News

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Eliza's movie plans - 7.22.99
At some kind of convention Eliza said that here movie plans where Scream 3 and a new one about the competition between high school cheerleaders called Cheer Fever.

Buffy the real-life superhero - 7.14.99
Sarah Michelle Gellar is spending her summer in the Dominican Republic volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. Which is an organization that builds houses for the poor. Read article here.

Graduation Day has arrived - 7.13.99
Today is the day - graduation today. The long anticipated season finale has finally arrived. Set your VCR's or just be there to watch at 8:00 pm tonight on the WB.

Eliza in Scr3am? - 7.11.99
Eliza Dushku(Faith) is rumored to be in the lineup for the cast of the upcoming long-awaited, Scream 3. "What will she play?" is the question on everyone's mind. Well only time can tell, because the crew of this one is keeping the project very confidential.

A piece of Pie - 7.09.99
Alyson Hannigan's latest film is out in a cineplex near you. It marks the return of the raunchy sex comedy, but any of you Alyson fans under 17, don't plan on seeing it anytime soon. It is one of the most risque' teenage films, almost, ever.

Aly and Marilyn Manson connection - 7.08.99
What? It is rumored that Aly is dating the drummer of the goth band, Marilyn Manson. More to come.



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