4.15.99 - Site started, most things not even up. I decided to spend less time on my SMG site.

4.20.99 - Major areas put up. Characters page put up with in depth bios for character and actors except a few minor characters to go.

4.21.99 - Buffy's season 1 picture page put up, also season 3 but just the few i already have uploaded. Episodes started with only a few summaries.

4.27.99 - Minor changes made to the sections already up. Links page up, This Week coming but there haven't been any new eps lately anyways so after "Choices" airs it will be up.

7.18.99- Totally trashed the old design and I now have a totally much better design. I really like it and I am still in the process of changing some things.

7.22.99- I now have all of the character pages and actor pages uploaded (except for memorable characters and villains). Also I have a few episode descriptions up I just can't write them all. I need someone who can just write the descriptions and no HTML is required also you'll be fully credited. Contact me if You can.


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