The Story

    Buffy the Vampire slayer takes place in the quante little town of Sunnydale, California. Sunnydale, sounds like some place the Brady Bunch could live. Well, actually it is Hellmouth or in other words where all of the demons hang out. A hellmouth is a portal that can connect demons or any other forces of darkness to our world. Citizens drop in tens and the mortality rate is extremely low even when the citizens think that it is high.
    Well people don't die all the time. Because we have our only hope for survival. A teenage girl named Buffy. Well just because shes a girl doesn't mean she can't save the world. She is the strongest girl I have ever seen. She could take on any boxer or fighter anytime a day its just that sometimes they are about 59 feet bigger than her or they can easily drown her.
    You see, Buffy has a little bit of help even though she alone is supposed to be the chosen one. A couple years ago she died and was revived again so this made a few problems and a new slayer was sent. That slayer died and another replaced her. So then, we had two slayers, confused yet. Also Buffy gets help a lot of help from her friends Willow, Oz, Xander, and sometimes Cordelia. Her major help is Giles whom is a computer wiz, braniac/librarian and her faithful watcher. Also if it is extremely huge (like lets say an ascension) she can always get the aid o fthe whole Sunnydale class of '99.
    Buffy has had her share of personal issues. Like she was and still is in love, his name is Angel and he is a vampire. That may sound wierd but Angel is a good vampire he was put under a gypsy curse to make him good. He just cannnot make love which him and Buffy did. This caused a few complications because Angel turned into a hellbeast but Buffy sent him to hell and he was good again. Then they broke up and he moved to Los Angeles which is the second hellmouth.


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