Do Mulder and Scully belong together? Of course they do!

Their relationship has blossomed from distrust to true love over the years. Of course, we shippers have to wait until they admit their true feelings! They are blatantly obvious in the series!

In 'The End,' Scully was jealous of Diana Fowley. In 'Fire,' she was burned by Phoebe Green. She wanted to kiss Mulder in 'Dreamland II,' but he was too ugly. :)

In 'Triangle,' Mulder kissed the look-alike Scully and told the real Scully that he loved her. In the movie, he made the move to kiss her, but that damn bee interrupted! He pondered over the Eddie Van Blundht situation for at least three months!

They danced in 'Post Modern Prometheus.' In 'The Rain King,' the whole town thought they were together--and surprised at the answer! Of course 'Milagro' brought everything to a head when Padgett said Scully was in love with "someone else," referring to Mulder! And tell me the hand-on-the-hip thing meant nothing in 'The Unnatural.'

So it's very very obvious. Now, if only Chris Carter would do the right thing! Put them together!

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