The X-Files Fanfic Archive

The X-Files Fanfic Archive

Defying Gravity SR, MSR: Mulder moves in to protect Scully from a computer nut. by Dantzi Jean

Distractions SR, Mulder/other, MS UST: Mulder falls for an agent-in-training, unaware of her true identity. by Keri and Sarah

I Love Him VRA, MSR: Scully is in the hospital, and Mulder can't live without her. by Dantzi Jean

Movie Night SR, Scully/other, MS UST: When Scully breaks a date with Mulder, they spend the evening re-evaluating their relationship (with a little help...). by Keri

Moving in the Right Direction VR, MSR: A letter to an advice columnists holds truths for Mulder and Scully. by Beth and Keri

Pain VA: Mulder becomes Scully's strength after she is sexually assaulted. by Albi

Reunited SR, MSR: Itís the year 2007, and Mulder returns to D.C. after being gone for five years to ask for Scullyís help in finding his sister, only to discover things about each other that they never knew. Written as the series finale. by Keri

Reunited II SR, MSR: When Scully discovers who killed her husband, she decides to avenge his death the only way she knows how--kill the murderer. by Keri

Separation Anxiety XR, MSR: Mulder and Scully are separated but find themselves working on a similar case...and falling in love. by Keri

Snow Daze SH: A holly jolly Christmas it is not when Mulder and Scully are snowed in together. by Keri and MaryKate

Tongue Tied VR, MSR: Mulder makes the most important speech of his life... by Sheryl

Voodoo Dolls, File Cabinets, and Other Oddities in Life XH: Mulder and Scully meet up with Scully's old flame in Florida to solve a crime involving voodoo. by Keri and Mary

How to read the abbreviations:
The first letter is what kind of story it is: X=xfile, V=vignette, S=story.
The second letter(s) is/are classifications: R=romance, H=humor, A=angst.
The final code (if present) denotes any relationships within the story: MSR=Mulder/Scully romance, MS UST=Mulder/Scully Unresolved Sexual Tension. The other parts (Scully/other) mean a romance between the said character and another character (usually a created one).

There have been submissions to my page. I do not own any of the pieces that have not been written by me. For those pieces...because of the strict guidelines GeoCities has created regarding sexual content, the stories which are NC-17 have been edited for placement. For a copy of the actual section, please email the respective authors. Everything else, however, has remained in its entirety.

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