The X-Files Imagery Archive

Welcome to the X-Files Imagery Archive!
Here you will find pictures I have complied recently. Feel free to take them. Just remember they are copyrighted and owned by Fox. They are used without permission, but I'm not making any money off of it. I am doing it to share my love for The X-Files with other surfers.
New images will be updated when I get them transferred to a readable format, so enjoy the ones I have now!

The X-Files Imagery Archive Pages:
Page 1: Fox Mulder / David Duchovny Fox Mulder / David Duchovny
Page 2: Dana Scully / Gillian Anderson Dana Scully / Gillian Anderson
Page 3: Mulder and Scully / Duchovny and Anderson Mulder and Scully / Duchovny and Anderson
Page 4: Other Characters & Actors Other Characters and Actors
Page 5: Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Page 6: The Stars & Other Characters The Stars and Other Characters

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The X-Files X-travaganza

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