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"Jimmy's Girl" - Sung To The Tune Of  "Bobby's Girl". By Rob Morris

"Voyager Nights" -  Voyager gets greased!  By Dave Rogers

"That Don't Distress Me" - Odo sings as he patrols the Promenade.  By Vedek Weyoun

"The Enterprise B" - to the tune of "Sloop John B", by Rob Morris

"Anything For You" - sung by Weyoun to his Foundress, by Natasha Simonova

"Janeway's Phaser Rifle" - to the tune of "Maxwell's Silver Hammer", by Suz.

"(The Man Who Stopped) Chakotay's Damage" - to the tune of '(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance', by Suz.



Christmas Filks

Tuvok The Vulcan - (Voy, Xmas filk) "What if pon farr happened at Christmas? To the tune of 'Frosty The Snowman'. Rated R, just in case."  This one is very funny, but a little on the naughty side for the underaged.  So, don't read if you're not allowed--Santa will know!  by Suz.

We Three Girls From Voyager Are - (Voy, Xmas filk) "Well they are the three main women...To the tune - I hope obviously - of 'We Three Kings...'"  Ahem, the rating warning applies here too *<|:~)>  by Suz.



Links to More Filks

The Star Trek Stories For All Ages (archive of the asca news group) Filks Page


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