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Welcome to the new "NEW" page!  These are all the newest additions to the site.  The stories will be moved to the appropriate page, and replaced here with more new stories, at the next site update.

Lea Frost

I Am a Pagh-Wraith King - (DS9 filk)  "A Gilbert and Sullivan parody, inspired by 'Strange

Dukatian Rhapsody - (DS9 filk)  "What if Queen wrote 'Waltz'?"

Dave Rogers

Holodecks Anonymous - (VOY drabble) "Hi, my name's Dave. I'm a fanfic writer. I haven't
infringed Paramount's copyright for thirty-four days."

Paula Stiles

Yes, I know I'm a bit behind (or way ahead of) the times with these, but they're still wonderfully funny!

We Wish You A Merry Christmas - (DS9 Christmas filk)  "The first year after the end of the Dominion War, Ezri throws a Christmas Party Reunion in Quark's and tries to get everyone to sing Christmas carols. It goes about as well as such an effort does in any
dysfunctional family gathering--badly."

The Christmas Filks From Hell - (DS9 Christmas filks)  Three more evil filks from the evil filkster herself.

Carolyn Winifred

qagh qagh qagh qagh je - (DS9) English translation.  "Quark, O'Brien and Bashir go for breakfast on the Rotarran, DS9 episode Shadows and Symbols. Quark has an inaccurate Klingon phrase book."

qagh qagh qagh qagh je - (DS9) In the original Klingon, as approved by the Klingon Language Institute.

Rob Morris

The Golden Boys - (TOS)  "What if Kirk had never gone into the Nexus to begin with....?"

The Early Seasons Network - (multiple Trek and more)  "...Do you watch Voyager, and think that Seven of Nine has been on for five years? Do you watch Deep Space Nine, and wonder what Sisko would look like with hair and no goatee, and no Dominion War to fight? Do you watch Bewitched, unaware that Darrin went through the change? Did you know that Worf was not always security officer, and that Beverly Crusher left for one season on Next Generation?..."

Patterns Of Justice - (TOS remix) "People, we face the very real prospect of a full-scale Nazi takeover of this quadrant.  John Gill's mistake has us all up against the wall. Many worlds are surrendering to Melakon without a fight. I'm taking suggestions--anything."

The Unwanted Star Trek Action Figures! - (all series) "Coming soon from MatePlay Toys."

News To Me - (TNG - Starting Over AU)  "Reg should really check the papers..."

Just One More Random Thought - (VOY remix) "The Mari wish to punish Belanna for her thoughts; but the obnoxious man in the trenchcoat has other ideas."

The 67's - (VOY remix) "A square villain and a shagadelic dude decide to crash onto Voyager's swinging pad. They freak me out, Bay-bee!!"

I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing - (TNG filk) "Coca-Cola Artist Haddon Sundbloom gave us the modern Santa Claus; So Joyeux Noel, Mon Capitan et Crew!"

A Telling Blow - (PythonTrek) - "See here--this, then, is the Parody entitled--'A Telling Blow' by Rob Morris. Hmmph. Seems rather a man as far behind as he should be concentrating on that whole dragon business, but then--who am I to say? All right---The Parodic Piece in question takes us to Veridian 3---another piece set on Veridian 3? Fellows, the man died an onscreen death. Be rather good if you let him lie in peace. Well, I'm off."

The Play's The Thing - (TOS remix)  "A remix of TOS and I Spy. The episode is 'Conscience of a  King'."

Turnabout The World On - (TOS remix)  "Disaster strikes at Jim Kirk in this little Au. But he's tough--Will He Make It--After All?"

Yesterday's Satellite Of Love - (TNG ep/MST3K setting)  "Adapted situation from 'Yesterday's Enterprise'."

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