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Once upon a time a group of male scientists in Scotland had too much time on their hands and too much grant money in their pockets and brought forth unto the world Dolly, the amazing cloned sheep. (Ed note: Due to our respect for all things Scottish we decline to make any comment on the previous statement.)

In a secret laboratory deep in the heart of Texas a female mad scientist took note and said "Sheep? Who wants to waste time with sheep? I can do better than that!" And so Dawn created the very first Highlander clone and the world may never be the same.

At first only a few Highlander had the connections necessary in order to get personal clones but now they are available to the masses!

Each clone is handmade in the USA using only the finest DNA available. In order to speed up production stock models are available at all times but custom orders are welcome.

Please feel free to browse through our catalog.

Highlander Clone Line

Please click on your favorite character or area of interest to see all our lovely 'Off The Rack' clones for that character/area. Please remember, special orders don't upset us, they just take longer. The clones listed in our current catalog are available for immediate shipping via our special arrangements with the VR airlines to arrive at your door in no time.

Each clone is preprogrammed to imprint on their new owner.


ORDER NOW! For a limited time, to introduce our new business to all, your clone will arrive at your door wearing a large bow and carrying a complimentary fruit basket, bottle of champagne (or sparkling grape juice -- please specify) and a special edition Bucket-O-Nutella (party size) in a lovely reusable container.

Also, the first 100 clones to leave our factory/lab will have a special token attached to them. Find it and trade it in for one of many lovely gifts.

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DISCLAIMER: We don't really sell clones, we don't know any clones, we don't know anything about cloning and we certainly don't HAVE any clones (or we wouldn't need to waste our time making this stuff up, we would be busy elsewhere). This is all meant in fun and is not meant to hurt anyone or cause problems or water balloon fights or anything like that. We just have to give an outlet to our imaginations once in a while and then make other people look at the results. All Highlander characters belong to someone else and we are just borrowing them for fun and no profit is being made. Just clones. No, wait, we already covered that. Never mind.

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