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New Stories

Crush On You Bree (Felicia and Luke)

One More Night GH/Sunset Beach Crossover Bree (V and Ben)

Stefan and Laura Siport (Stefan and Laura)

You Have the right to be mine Part 2 Ashlyn (Taggert and Sonny)

Sonny and Antonia part 2 Ashlyn (Sonny and Antonia Moreno -writer created character)

The Other Stories

Alignment of the Planets Kena (Alexis and Luke)

Anastasia and JustusBy Siport (Anastasia Cassadine (Writer created Character and Justus)

Exit to Bali Ashlyn (Ned and Alexis)

Baser InstinctsBy Kassandra (Emily and Nikolas)

More than just Books Ashlyn (lucy and stefan)

Brenda Wins By Kimberly (Brenda and Jax)

Busy In the Bathroom By Shari (Carly and Jason)

Crazy Love By Clarissa (Brenda and Sonny)

The Doctor is In By Melissa (Kevin and Lucy)

Dream a Little Dream By Samantha (Luke and Alexis)

Educating Carly Ashlyn (Carly/Jason/Aj/??? A series, first parts posted, this story contains b/d situations.)

S and B Erotic Love Story Chapters 1-2 By Clarissa (Brenda and Sonny)

S and B Erotic Love Story Chapters 3-4 By Clarissa (Brenda and Sonny)

Erotic Bliss By girlfriend (Brenda and Sonny)

Fires Ignited By Allison (Brenda and Jason)

First Night By Niklovr (Nikolas and Dawn Jensen-Cassadine writer-created character)

Getting Off By Diamond Girl (Jax and Keesha)

Giving In By Shari (Sonny and Brenda)

Hostile Takeover By Ashlyn and Kena (Sonny and Jax, yes you read that right. This story has b/d situations)

Now I know By Karen (Sonny and Alexis Sequel to Mai Tai)

IOU By Melissa (Damien and Lucy)

Irish Eyes By Brynna (Alexis and Sonny)

Jenn Comes Homeby Kimberly (Alex Garcia and Jennifer Quartermaine-Writer Created character)

J&J FantasyBy Rebecca (Jax and Joanna-Writer created character)

Lasha My PetBy Kassandra (Stefan and Laura this story has b/d scenes)

Library Isn't *Only* For ReadingBy Shari (Jagger and Brenda)

PavaBy Barkussaab (Lucy and Stefan)

A Mafia Love Story Ashlyn (Sonny and Jason, yes, you read that right.)

Mai TaiBy Karen (Sonny and Alexis)

Paid In FullBy Karen (Jason and Carly)

Strip Poker By Karen (Alexis and Scotty)

Snow Storm Parts 1-3By Siport (Bobbie and Stefan)

You Have the Right-to Be Mine Ashlyn (Sonny and Tags, Yes you read that right)

QuickeningBy Pam (Justus and Sabrina-writer created character)

Sonny and Antonia Part 1 Ashlyn (Sonny and Antonia Moreno-writer created character)

Truth Or Dare Ashlyn (Lois and Sonny)

Welcome Home JulieBy Siport (Alex Garcia and Julie Devlin)

Wilder JacksBy Melissa (Ned/Alexis Alexis/Jerry)

Harem After HoursBy Various Writers (An After Hours Series spun off of the board fic, The Harem of Jason Morgan)

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