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Save AW!!!

You have come into the SAVEAW site and we have changed gears a bit since you have been here last. For thoses who haven't been here before this page was started to save Another World our favorite soap. Well that is still true but with a new added problem. We have recevied news that AW has been cancelled. This may sound like the end but it is far from it my friends.

We have only yet,begun to fight!!!!!!

We DO NOT want you all to give up because we haven't. or will we. They may have thought that this would put a end to us but they are WRONG. Please visit the below pages for further info and the news page for what were are ready to do. Thank you all for helping us.!


So in the guestbook below tell us what you feel about AW and the maybe cancellation.No foul language please.Thank you and please do your best for you soap you can make a diffrence.



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If you have any questions please e-mail me at the below address.


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