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To see Michael T. Weiss as Jarod in NBC's show "The Pretender", CLICK on the button to the left. This will link you up to my PRETENDING page where you'll find a brief recap of all of the episodes of "The Pretender" that have aired thusfar (in the US), and images of Jarod in his various pretender modes.



You can also visit my MR. RAINES' HYBRID BIOTRACT @ THE CENTRE site at Fortunecity where you'll see "The Pretender" from the eerie viewpoint of Dr. William Raines. Corridors will take you to special archives where you'll find information on Mr. Raines, PRODIGY, "the unlucky ones", and Subject Jarod. Don't be discouraged by security barriers; you CAN get through all of the corridors (except Purple Corridor #5) by paying attention to the clues around you. Recently added to this site is a gallery of "surveillance pictures" of Jarod and an animation of the October 1995 experiment performed on Jarod by Mr. Raines and Mr. Lyle.


On a lighter note, you can also visit my TICKLE-ME-JAROD site at Tripod. This site is filled with images of Jarod (Michael T. Weiss) smiling, laughing and having fun. I'm hoping to add some funny animations in the future, so stay tuned!


Then there's the Bowman's WAVes site at Geocities. All of the sound files are activated now, and here you'll be able to find .WAV files featuring the voice of Michael T. Weiss in his various television and motion picture personas. [Thanks to The BowMan for allowing me to use some of his webspace!]


To see Michael T. Weiss in other television appearances, CLICK on the button to the left. Here you'll find information and images regarding his roles on "Days of Our Lives", the 1991 revival of the "Dark Shadows" series, and "2000 Malibu Road" (in which he was seen as a blonde.) This link will also allow you to view two "Galleries" of images of Michael T. Weiss as Dr. Horton in "Days of Our Lives". This was the show that "introduced" me to this wonderful actor. I've been hooked on him ever since.

And it's not over with yet. To see Michael T. Weiss in some of his motion picture roles, CLICK on the button to the left. This will take you to a page where you'll see him as he appeared in "Jeffrey", "Freeway", "Howling IV: The Original Nightmare", "Angel 4: Undercover", "Remember Me", "Take My Daughters, Please", and "The Great Los Angeles Earthquake". According to Michael T. Weiss himself, in a television interview, he's spending part of the summer of 1998 working a new film revolving around an expose of the pornography industry. The movie will, hopefully, be released in 1999.

I've also collected some images of Michael T. Weiss in various advertisements in which he's appeared, which you can see by CLICKING on the button to the left.



Finally, if you'd like to join MT.WAS, The Michael T. Weiss Appreciation Society, just click on the button to the left. It will take you to a page that will explain how to become a member of the society, and will also provide you with a list of those who have already shown their appreciation for this talented actor by joining the membership roster. Remember, this is an unofficial association of fans. With your FREE membership, you'll be listed on the roster and provided with a Membership logo to display on your website, but there are no other "perks" associated with membership at this time.


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