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To The Simpsons Tree, Dude!

7.6.04: Woah! An Update!

Long time no update, I still see some traffic coming in surprisingly after 3 years... In the meantime, seems like the blasted 20th Century FOX just can't stop their shutting down Simpsons websites sometime ago. Several affected sites are my favourite on the web. Well anyways, I fixed some of the wallpaper links in the pictures section, since Brinkster decided to close my account after inactivity whereby I linked it to an ASP script to count the wallpaper downloads, thereby not linking to the wallpapers directly. Also since Brinkster closed my account, I lost all my ASP scripts and databases I used for the "Write" and "Quiz" sections, so don't bother to click them. I might move this site or link parts of it to a PHP host I acquired, but I don't know anything about PHP so it might need some time. Thanks for visiting all these years. :) I'll be eagerly waiting for The Simpsons Season 4 DVD. :)

29.4.01: A Novelty Flying Disc!

Added a new sound file from Episode "A Tale Of Two Springfields" after a very long time of not updating the sounds section. Check it out in the sounds page. And I made the Write section paged, it now displays 20 messages per page and not every single message on a single page. That is all.

1.12.01: 10000th Visitor!!

This site is already something like more than 2 years old and I've over 10000 visitors. I would like to thank all the visitors to this site for the past 2 years since it's opening in 1999.
I know the previous update and this latest update are something like six months apart but these few months I've been constantly busy and only free during weekends. I'll try to come up with an update now and then. I'll also try and update the links page with new links. Thanks all again for visiting this site.

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From: Singapore
Last Modified: 10.1.00

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